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  1. I have the same question. I had to wait long time before I could order an Aquagate here in Belgium. I always wanted a black one (which didn't exist) but since it didn't exist I had to go for the silver one (which still has to arrive). It would be nice if there would be a possibility to change the front to black. Giorgio
  2. Fantastic! I knew Cooler Master wouldn't let us down Hopefully it won't take too much time (once it's released) to get it here in Belgium. Giorgio
  3. Hi Bryant, thanks for your reply. So if I understand it well it will be possible to 'upgrade' to 'old' one to support LGA775, dual CPU, VGA, etc. My mean concern is to get the bracket to keep the CPU cooling unit to the CPU but if there's more then that in the upgrade package that's naturally even better... Giorgio
  4. Finally my Aquagate is on it's way, it took me quite a while before I could get my hands on one overhere in Belgium. Now that the problem of getting one is solved I can tackle the next one . And the next one is LGA775 support... I'm currently assembling a new machine (which I hope to enter in the Cooler Master case modding competition) and it's based on a LGA775 motherboard. So my question is: will there be an upgrade or will parts come available to use the Aquagate on a LGA775 motherboard? If so what's the planning and how and when will we be able to get the parts? kind regards, Giorgio
  5. Giorgio

    aquagate release

    Hi, we promised to inform each other about the availability of the Aquagate in Belgium. Normally by the end of next week mine should get delivered. I'll get mine through It isn't anywhere on the site but if you're interested send an e-mail to The guys name is Jan, tell him that Geert forwarded his coordinates to you and that you're interested in an Aquagate. I'm sure he'll make you a good offer. PS: he can also get the Real Power 450 for a good price in case you'd be interested. Giorgio
  6. Hi Bryant, is there a specific person which we can contact in the UK? Giorgio
  7. Great initiative. If there's any chance to get one (or better two and a seconday 3.5 front plate) that would be nice. I'll drop you an e-mail. Giorgio
  8. Personally I prefer the clear windows. I don't know what a blue tinted window would do to UV but by using a clear window you can use whatever color of light inside the case or even mix colors Giorgio
  9. That's very bad news since I hoped to use it in my CM Stacker which I want to enter in the case modding contest (which closes mid september...) If I'd find one before I'll surely let you know, please keep me posted also. Giorgio
  10. Hi Lucy-fer, thanks for the info, sounds good now I only have to get my hands on an Aquagate (and on a Real Power 450) ... cheers, Giorgio
  11. Hi, I'm planning to get an Aquagate as soon as it becomes available in Belgium and I have some questions. In fact I want to add a secondary radiator and secondary water container to it. Don't ask me whuy My questions: - will the water pump of the Aquagate be strong enough to handle this? - should I place the secondary water container in 'front' or 'behind' the Aquagate? - should I place the seconday radiatir in 'front' or 'behind' the Aquagate? - is there a specific way how a radiator should be mounted (on his back, on the side, with the in and out at the bottom or at the top, ...)? Giorgio
  12. Nice work! Really like the small details such as the power meter in the middle of the steering wheel. The problem is that they ain't yet available overhere, if I can find one I'll buy it immediatly Giorgio
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    Hi Kendra, I myself don't know any sexist modder, they all appreciate a nicely modded computer no mather who built it. I'm trying to get my case ready in time to enter the competition. It'll be an honour to compete to you and if yours is better then I won't have any problem at all for loosing to a girl Cheers, Giorgio
  14. Great news, I hope that in the meantime I can find an Aquagate (and a Real Power) somewhere here in Belgium Giorgio
  15. Giorgio

    aquagate release

    I already contacted them last week. They were very friendly and helpfull . They explained that the products were on their way to the distribution channel and so that they could arrive any day now . They also gave me the phone number of the importer for Belgium and advised me to check with them which shop would be supplied first. I gave the importer a call and they were not so friendly as the CoolerMaster staff , they didn't know the Real Power PSU nor the Aquagate and they were very annoyed that I as a normal customer gave them a call They ask me the send them an e-mail with my questions and the 'official product codes'. I did that right away but I haven't recieved any answer from them at all. I wanted to enter my CM Stacker in the case modding competition and hoped to get my hands on both the Real Power and Aquagate to have a maximum of CoolerMaster items. First I wanted to wait till the black Aquagate would be available but now I would already be very happy if I can get an aloy colored one in time... kind regards, Giorgio
  16. Giorgio

    aquagate release

    Hi fellow country man, I'm currently searching for one myself and there are a couple of shops who will have them in the coming weeks. As soon as I find stock somewhere I'll let you know. PS: in case you'd find one before me please let me know also. cheers, Giorgio