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  1. it is a 400w unit (KOB AP4400XA). There are two flat 4 pin cables that come out of the power supply, each split, one powering two hard drives, the other powers two disc drives and the FDD. There is also a square ended 4 pin cable hanging free but don't know what this is for. All the other wires that come out from the power supply unit go straight into the motherboard. Sorry i don't know too much about power supplies so my description may not be that helpful. Thanks CJ
  2. Thanks for your helpand the tips! [edit by Jughead: comments about and link to competitor removed. please read the rules] Would a larger power supply have more leads so i could connect more devices? Thanks CJ
  3. I am modifying my computer and am looking at installing the coolermaster Aerogate II. I have two power leads that come from my power supply that i could use but these are both split with a Y connector between the two disc drives, and two hard drives. How do i get power to the Aerogate II? Do i just add another y splitter onto one of the connections that goes into one of my drives to split the power between three devices instead of two? Many thanks CJ