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  1. After searching this forum I found the solution...I would like to tthank the online community for coming to my aid
  2. jsumeig

    Aquagate problem

    Hi Smokey, You seem to have been in the same situation as me. I am new to overclocking and water cooling in general. 1) My first question is this....where dows the shutdown switch Y splitter plug into? I have an ABIT canterwood MB and can't seem to figure this one out.... 2) Just like you explained I switched on my system and got the excact same problem. Alarm and the water light flashing....the whole LCD was flshing for that matter, but the WATER was flashing out of SYNC. I am about do take the steps you did to solve this problem. I think there are more that enough posts about this topic for COOLMASTER to issue a warning at least.......I almost fired my MOBO installing this system as there was a small leak that just missed the MOBO! Cheers, Justin.
  3. I need HELP! I just bought an aquagate yesterday and installed it. Firstly coolermaster have produced the most confusing manual in history....very badly written. All that aside here is my dilema! When I switch my computer after installing, the LCD starts flashing and an alarm goes off! The WATER light is also blinking! The think is full after I clearned all the air bubbles...which almost fried my MB! The temp reported to me is only around 25 C, not much higher.....Why is this happening? Also where on my motherboard do I plug the Y cable. The power switch? The manual is once again of no help.....or not to me anyways! It is currently sitting plugged into the PCI card but nothing else....Is this the root of my problem....I dont think so? Please help me.......