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  1. LOL... Almost it would seem. Your tip worked like a charm Mr. Miyagi. I chopped off the pot and directly connected the cables. It works like a charm now. Seems like I have a reason to get one of those fancy fan speed controllers now. Or I could get another pot at Radio Shack (but where is the fun in that?). Thanks again for the help.
  2. Sweet. I'll try out what you recommend and report back. Thanks for the help.
  3. I've had an Aero 7+ for over a year now. I love this cooler to death. It has started to slow down however. The fan now spins at just under 1,000 RPMs (normal is 1,900-3,500). Furthermore, the speed adjustment knob seems to do nothing now. Is this a problem that can be fixed or will I have to get a new blower? Thanks for your assistance.