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  1. Awesome project! Will definately be following this one.
  2. +1. Better off with getting an RMA number. When my fan LEDs became smoke emitting diodes, all I asked for was 4 new LEDs so I could replace them, but I was sent a whole new fan instead. So it shouldn't be very hard to get 2 new fans sent IMO.
  3. lol go to radio shack or something similar that sells electronic components, get a switch, drill a hole in an extra 5.25" cover, place switch in hole, wire up switch, turn switch on/off
  4. IMO, the only reliable temperature monitoring can be done from the BIOS. Just to be clear, you mean Thermoelectric Cooler, right? LOL because if that is the case, it is possible to have temps fall below ambient. Sorry about my earlier post, didn't realize that is what you were talking about.
  5. I am happy that you are getting good results, however it is impossible to get a temperature that is lower than your ambient temperature.
  6. Are you gonna load it up? Your mod looks insane! Really liking the black/blue combo and how you rotated the 5.25" bays!