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  1. Hello! I'm about to buy the CM stacker and I want to make sure I got every little piece I need before I finally pull the trigger. I'd like to know how many fans it comes with, if the fans that come with it are good or need to be replaced (I'm building a quiet rig), and how many more (and what type of fans) I should get. Few notes : I'm already getting the cross-flow fan. My motherboard northbridge is taken care of, same for my CPU HSF and video card silencer. I've already decided to get a 120m nexus real silent fan (the orange one). And finally, I won't have much (if any room) for those 120mm fans in the front underneath the black mesh since the 4-in-3 unit already comes with it's fan and I'll be filling the rest of the front slots with front panels and dvd drives. So aside from that.. what other fans would you get if you were me. Or which did you get if you use a Stacker? Thank you very much!