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  1. I've seen that and it look nice for sure, but it seems...excessive for someone who isn't uh...extreme enough to have a dual cpu motherboard and isn't going quad sli/needs 500 expansion slots. Especially when it costs almost twice as much as the current atcs. I wish they'd release a normal version alongside their "most extreme over the top pointless for anything but benchmarking" version. Then I'd buy it. Nice to be looking out for those people who go all out, but 98% of people aren't those. Anyways, I'll see what the future holds, whether it's this case or if corsair offers a slightly smaller 800d.
  2. I've read that a normal sized rad with 3 120 millimeter fans will fit even with the 230 mm fans still in there. But it wasn't exactly desirable since they spun at different rates and air was being sucked out at the same rate it was being pushed through. Is this true? I'd want to try with all 3 configs to see the difference. If I could get similar performance without the need for 120mm fans that'd be great. Quietest WC setup ever.
  3. I guess this isn't a suggestion so much as a question. I see that you have re-booted the 690 and the haf with a bunch of modern features that I really like. I was wondering if you'd being doing the same for those who prefer the sleeker exterior of the 840? I want to get an 840 so much, but it would stink to get it and 3 months later have one with a black interior, grommets and usb 3.0 come out.