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  1. I have the CAV-T02 with the proprietary 300W PSU. This PSU is more than just underpowered. It has no ON/OFF switch, so unless you place an inline switch on the power cord, you'll get an arc at the outlet when plugging it in and unplugging it. I'm wondering if you modders have ever used an exterior power supply. Beyond the obvious problems of cable lengths, placement, and inconvenience when moving the case, is there any reason that it can't be done? Possibly it could affect the cooling of the CPU that the PSU provides with its fans? PSU's are looking so good these days that some of them should be visible. This is a desktop case, so the PSU could be placed on the unit itself.
  2. There should be a screw on the firewire's circuit board labeled "Ground". It may be hard to access.
  3. My T02 desktop model with proprietary 300W PSU, 1 80mm, and 2 60mm fans runs quietly. Your 12 CM fan is going to make some noise. Disconnect it as Karma Ghost suggests and have a listen. 30-40 db is not unusual for a fan that size, depending on the rpms.
  4. This is an issue that has been raised in several older threads, but I haven't found a definitive answer. My VU-meter doesn't work at all, whether I'm connected to the front or rear audio out. Here's how I have it set up: 1. The male-to-male miniplug exterior cable from the sound card out to the PCI adapter in. 2. No one has mentioned the 3 pin plug on the other end of the internal mini-plug cable that plugs into the PCI adapter. I assume that it plugs into the circuit board behind the VU-meter but there is no documentation of this. There's a receptacle there next to the onboard molex power cables. As bigbadbns has said earlier, if the VU-meter doesn't work then the front panel audio volume control doesn't work and it doesn't. The volume control also connects to the circuit board behind the VU-meter. I've tried all the various configurations: front audio connected to the motherboard only, both front and rear connected, rear only. I'm out of things to try. Thanks. SF