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  1. Hey everyone.... this is the worklog on DST (Dallas Stars Tribute), my next case. It will be a fan case (as in, Dallas Stars "fan"...) based on influences from the Dallas Stars. The Dallas Stars are an NHL team, that I follow R-A-B-I-D-L-Y! I was introduced to the game of hockey by a very dear friend. This case, will be my attempt at repaying all of the kindness that she showed me by taking me to games and being patient with me asking questions while they played. Her two favorite players are Brendan Morrow and Stephan Robidas, two very talented (and hard hitting) players on the squad. I will be incorporating design elements of this Stars orginazion, their logo, and some custom picture work. It will be a sweet case!!!! I started tonight by stripping down the case into it's components, I'll get the pics uploaded tomorrow. So, it is now on the workbench, and is going to become an active project now until I complete it! So, everyone... welcom in..."Tribute"....
  2. K... just got back in town, I foun the emails that I Had on the issue, and have forwarded to you. Good luck!
  3. I will get you the email as soon as I get home. I am currently out of country (Bath, UK) returning on Friday to America. So.... be looking for a response to this email on the Friday/Sat time frame. I had several indepth exchanges with Asus support that are in my email Inbox on my home machine. Give me a few days to stagger home, and I'll get you your info. I'm going to PM you my email address, please email me when you get this, as that will then be waiting on me when I get home and will act as a reminder for me, ok?
  4. Yes, thank you. My mistake. I bought the A8V-e Deluxe for Lupine for my wife. Apologies for any confusion.
  5. Think of it as 2 layers of acrylic/plexi. 1 layer has your Terminator etch on it, and lit by whatever LED's you are wanting. 2nd layer - since it is eyes, I'd recommend you lay this layer under the 1st layer. On this layer, all you etch are the eyes, and then you attach LED's from the side of the 2nd layer of the acrylic to push light into the 2nd layer. If it is thick enough, you can tap minor holes into the side of the acrylic and embed your LED's. If the acrylic is 1/8" thick, you could use a combination of hot glue and electical tape to position the LED's at the side, and use the black electrical tape to place over the side of the acrylic and over the LED (to keep the light from bleeding out everywhere). The LED lights would be off the side, so there would be no wires showing, and the etched eyes on the 2nd layer would be reflecting whatever color LED's you were firing into the 2nd "eye" layer... Make sense? Or were you looking for more of a focused light coming through the eyes of the etch?
  6. The chipset cooler is a *known* problem for Asus on the A8N and the A8V. Contact Asus and have your serial number ready. Let them know you have a problem chipset fan and that you need a replacement chipset fan shipped to you. They will ship you a different model that does not experience this issue, at no charge to you. The different model has the same height as the current chipset, but it sits on the chipset at about 45 degree cant to the side. Seems a bit larger on the diameter too. The fan spins more slowly. But, to assure you, Asus is fully aware of the problem, and once you bring it up to their TS dept that you can perform the work on the chipset HSF unit, they will ship it to you. I had to replace mine, that is why I know, and I talked to an Asus rep @ a Tech show I was at a few months back, and he confirmed it as a known issue. . Good luck!
  7. Good Job ID... On your "glowing red eyes" issue, if your still looking for a way to pull this off, you could put a 2nd layer of acrylic, draw the eyes in the proper place on that, etch them on that 2nd layer, and side light that layer with the color of LED that you are wanting the eyes to be. That will make the eyes light up with the color LED's that you have firing into that 2nd layer. Nice etch there bro.
  8. My nearly finished Centurion. Stealthed DVD Burner Drive: Rear shots: Close up of the window etching, side lit by LED's: Quick shot of the internals: This is my first Coolermaster case! I love this thing! It is for my wife, and she is loves this thing! Hope you enjoy!
  9. That is a creative frikken solution! Sweet! Gonna give that a shot b4 I try replacing that fan. The removed centers and the overall fit of the fan to the CPU Heatsink... I just dont wanna mess with what works! Yeah, my fan running @ 1400, my FX-53 was hitting 55c in the BIOS setup screens.... I think that HSF unit can perform a bit better! Effectively, you are pushing 5v up the PWM line, which signals the fan to spin faster, correct?
  10. Very, very nice setup! Good execution on the setup and implementation of the watercooling. How much did you minimize noise by hitting the WC route? I know the unit is not stacked in the same room as the equipment, so how do you control it? I did a similar treatment on my Centurion5 case, but used a transparent paint, as opposed to your opaque tint. Still, the results came out nice! Good job bud! So... when can we come over and enjoy the results of yoru work?
  11. Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments. I wish I was entering that rig in the competition... but there is not an ounce of CM in that thing. My new mod that I'm working right now... well, that is just another lucky story all together! Looking forward to this contest!
  12. I'm all about blue UV, as you can then accent in different UV reactive paints and colors and they will ALL pop due to the UV'ness of the lighting. Blue UV is nice, but I think it has been overdone. People need to learn to mix up their colors and not just monotone the blue case internals.... my $.02
  13. Daaamn! I Was reading this over on BT, and fancy bumping into you over here! You and I are modding the same Cent5 case... and I must say... I LOVE your style! Good stuff all the way around! Lots of innovative techniques and original ideas! Keep up the great work and excellent attention to detail!
  14. ANyone using either of these coolers? What is your take on them? Getting ready to go looking for reviews, but I'd like the owners/users spin on how effective they are. Thanks in advance!
  15. On blingGreen, my mod, I had a host of rounded cables both from the IDE channels as well as the X-Connect power supply. I ripped out all of the cables, folded black IDE ribbon cables so that they were nearly invisible, and then rebuilt the power cables to fit. Here are some before pics of the cable clutter: Not very pretty.... Not very pretty at all.... Mind you, this was *before* the mew processor/motherboard, so the cabling got tweaked quite a bit... but the gist of the cabling mod was done here, and the cabling story that you learned rang true for me too. Keep preachin the truth bro!
  16. Craig Tate

    Gateway Mod

    I have two old Gateway server boxes in my garage right now, just waiting for their turn under the drll press! Your rig is one that we threw out @ my work prior to me getting int omodding heavily. That thing is a BEAST! All steel, all there... heavy and STRONG! I dont envy you on your cutting, and/or lifting! But I got maaad respect for you for trying out that beast of a case! Design looks intriguing! Keep it up, I am looking forward to where this ends up!
  17. My current rig, blingGreen: I learned a TON on that rig! Working on my second mod now... and it will be entered into this CM contest! Need to get it a bit further along, so I look forward to all of the inspirational entries!