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  1. From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    The mod that really put me on the map
  2. From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    UAC has got some problems...
  3. From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    Beat up, shot up, demon torn and found functional... but nobody knows how to turn it off!!!
  4. Craig Tate


    From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    My first Fallout themed mod for my boss' son. :)
  5. From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    had fog pumping out under the skull to give the "Penitence stare" effect
  6. From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    Rusting and weathering.... this was a lot of fun to build!
  7. From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    Rusting and weathering.... this was a lot of fun to build!
  8. Craig Tate

    GT Flat

    From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    bodywork to make the side panels look like the front hood design on the new Ford GT
  9. Craig Tate


    From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    First dual loop, water cooled PC I'd ever built.
  10. Craig Tate


    From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    Made for my wife
  11. Craig Tate


    From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    Made for my wife
  12. Craig Tate


    From the album: Tech-Daddy builds

    Made for my wife
  13. Go big or go home. Seems to be the mantra of modding as of late. Dramatic, some bordering on flamboyant. I mean, this is still case modding! It's an art form, and everyone interprets art differently. Sometimes to beautiful and BRILLIANT effect. I have loved looking over the entries over the years. Masterful craftsmanship, and I applaud you all; past and present makers of the modding art. When I read about the 25th Anniversary case mod competition, and the special section regarding using/referencing past classic CM cases, I was immediately inspired. For, in my garage, I have held on to a pristine ATCS that I won at Quakecon man years ago. I recognized it then for it's classic beauty and simplicity. The perfect canvas for many modders. Straight lines, full side panels, and the inside frame of the case is almost as special. So... what better way for me to get back into the thick of it, then by using my prized prize, and bringing it into the 21st century! My goal of the build is to take the case and it's internals, and rework it to accommodate modern 120mm (maybe 140mm, but I wont know until I get into the box) and, just like a car that is a "sleeper", you won't know what is lurking under the hood! It will look nearly stock. Body work, metal work, etc to allow the beast within to breathe and groan... but maintain as much of the ATCS simplicity to keep you guessing! It will be a fun trip down memory lane, with reverence and respect that I will be channeling on one of my prized, untouched cases. Stay tuned, and (to shamelessly plagiarize the move "Dune") watch as "the Sleeper awakens!" PS: After re-reading my log this morning, I opted to just name the project "Sleeper", as I dont want to cause any confusion. Its not a "Dune" mod, it's theme going to be a ATCS time warp!
  14. Rig looks good man! Keep up the great work! -=TD=-
  15. Been a long time... amazed that the Forum associated my old posts from 10 years ago to my login today! 
    Lets see how this goes.... 25th Anniversary modding competition, with a nod to the past in the 25th Anniversary category. This ol' coot is going to give it a shot, one more time, and give it my best against these young bucks that have been building insane rigs for the past years! Lets see where this goes, shall we? 


  16. MMmmm.... those components will render the jet walls nicely!
  17. Go get em Bod.... I absolutely can *not* wait to see how you bust this out! Your past builds in a similar vein have always come out right on, this one should be OUT-frikken-STANDING!!! Subscribed -=TD
  18. Craig Tate


    the thing to figure out is "What voltage is being supplied to light those LED's?" and I believe it is 3.3v, So, if you can find an LED that runs natively at 3.3v, then it will be a 1 for 1 swap. If your LED runs at a lower voltage, then you will have to do a little calculation to find a resistor to put in line so that you dont cook off your LED with too high of voltage.
  19. If I remember correctly, those cabl;es should be grounded using the screws that attach the PCB to the case, so that the line hits the metal. There are several other points within the build of a computer (if built properly) that end up taking the case to a natural ground.
  20. sick man... just sick! You could make the nacels on the mobo side blower/intake, to cool off the bottom area of the mobo. Nobody would know... except maybe you, me and a few hundred rabid fans of this mod!
  21. Hehehe.. leave it to me to unintentionally do something "impossible".... if you don't know what you can't do... it is amazing what you achieve! 1st off, thank you! To put the cards in, I brought them in at an angle. They will not go in "straight" like we are all used to putting video cards in. You know, as well as many others, that the rolled edge of the drive cage gets in the way. So, before I installed the CPU heatsink, I used the extra space up there to bring the card in at an angle. You don't *need* to have the cpu cooler removed, but it helps! I remember pulling the cards and reinstalling them while the HSF was installed. The trick is that they do not go in straight. Primarily, the back facing plate is angled down towards the bottom of the case, while the tail end of the card with the power connectors is angled toward the top of the case. I also had to slant the bottom PCI-E edge connector downward as well. Think if it as using all 3 axis to alter the vertical plane of the video card. It is angled down and tilted inward to attain the mounting point. then once in place, you can orient the card properly with a few mm to spare and then push it into the slot. Hope this helps!
  22. Here are some final pics of the event: Me and "Razor" Reaugh - bar none... *THE* best color commentator in the hockey broadcasting biz.... and a great and very funny guy! A look at all of the loot that was on the live auction table: Me and the winner in front of his prize!