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  1. Okay, well, news. It turns out that Zipzoomfly will RMA just the PSU after all but I've got to send it back first. I also looked it up and the difference between the case w/ and w/o psu is only $20 so I'm going to eat the $20, order an RS-450 and have the 350 RMA'd at ZZF. That way I've got the 350 as backup/extra if I need it. Thanks anyways. I hope the 450 is good enough. I really hate the PSU market right now. It's a huge PIA. On another note... anybody think the 450 will be beefy enough to take SLI 6600GTs? I was considering that as my upgrade path for video.
  2. While that may be the case, that doesn't answer any of my questions nor does it explain the PSU's behavior. The system has been running (with two 30GB maxtors in place of the 250 WD) for a month now in another case with a 300W el cheapo PSU. It has occasionally had an issue but it ran Prime95 for 4 hours with 0 errors so nothing huge.
  3. Okay, so I made a mistake. I really wanted one of the basic CAV-T03 cases as my computing tastes run fairly minimalist and Coolermaster is one of the few companies with a decent case with nice lines and none of the extra lights/windows/whatever. Looking around I couldn't find a T03 in stock w/o PSU so I bought with the PSU included. Upon getting my case and installing the mobo I found out that the 5v rail on my psu appears to be bad. With nothing but mobo, memory, and cpu installed I can turn on the system and sometimes just about get into bios -> hardware mon just in time to see the 5v rail go to 4.8 then 4.5 then the system powers off. So my quandry is this. To get a refund I have to send the entire case w/ PSU back to zipzoomfly, wait 1-2 weeks for my money, the order something else, then wait some more. Or I can eat the $40 that the RS-350-AMSR is worth and buy a new PSU (dare I risk it a second time with CM and get the 450 everyone is talking about). I'm not even sure if CM has a repair/RMA service available for just the PSU or not (I couldn't seem to find hard evidence one way or the other). What I'd really like to do is trade up to the 450 and pay the difference in the retail prices but that's _quite_ unlikely (customer service used to work like that but hasn't in years). Anywho, any suggestions? System: A8N-SLI Athlon-64 3000+ 6600 GT 1GB Ballistix (2x512) 250 GB SATA WD Pioneer DVR-A08XL