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  1. I'm considering dremelling off a small 'lip' of steel below the upper PSU bay to allow me to WTX the mobo tray assembly. Is this necessary?
  2. Because I am going to have a kit of redline that can support 3.5V but I'll need active cooling and I think the aquagate can handle the extra stress very easily... am I wrong??? Active cooling == putting airflow over them. Decent thermal paste and proper heatspreaders and/or heatsinks are about the only thing you could really try. Water blocks for DIMMs would be pretty bulky. and certainly couldn't be designed to the same pressure tolderences cpu and gpu blocks are capable of - assuming single stick installed, copper blocks and perspex caps plus fittings, structural integrity, not heavy enough to snap the fingers on the dimm when in a tower.
  3. You could buy an indistrial radial fan to suit your needs (probably mains voltage as Phuncz said), and use a relay to turn it on/off using DC voltage/simple switch/fancontroller.
  4. SyxPak

    On/Off Button

    I looked at those, they seem a little too large, I'd love to get one about 2/3rds the diameter with a led/ring. Hook up the led connectors to control circuit => pulsing according to sound/light/temp/power state. How easy is it to take apart/take out the stacker front I/O bay?
  5. SyxPak

    On/Off Button

    Momentary == Push To Make It won't 'lock' in the on position.
  6. I've painted powdercoat machines before (sanded down to bare metal first naturally), though not anodised. I'm in no mad rush just yet, and I'd happily buy a spare side-panel or 3 off CM if it's possible.
  7. I've a scratch on the right-hand panel of my black stacker. Anyone have any fixes? Or could coolermaster staff quote a spray-paint code/colour that I might use to spray the side panels so they match the top?
  8. Anyone know where I might order some of these? I'd like to have a spare set just in case my modding goes apescheiße.
  9. Was the logo was sprayed on using a template? I like the cathode in the XFlow fan slot. __________________________________________ Qu'est que vous appliquéz le logo du case? J'aime la rouge dans la d'XFlow.
  10. This begs the question "Matt, Satin or Gloss Black?"
  11. And dman_15 gave you an answer. Alot of people have Creative soundcards, apologies for so deeply offending you by asking a related/on-topic question instead of starting another thread.
  12. On a similar point, can anyone confirm/deny STC-01's WTX capability? ie leaving the mobo tray in ATX config, but flipping it in the case to the BTX position - mobo on left side of case, cpu lower than expansion cards etc. I can't seem to get mine to fit.
  13. I recall seeing a thread either here or on dfi street regarding Creative soundcards and the Stacker audio jacks, and the pin-out being slightly different.