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  1. I just did my first OC - very conservative at 3.2 GHz. Ran OCCT:CPU for 15 minutes and hottest core got up to 65c. At idle hottest is 42c. I am wondering if adding a second fan to the back (push/pull) will help at all. It seems like the fan I have now is always running higher even at idle CPU usage. Now that I have overclocked it runs around 1900 RPM at idle and its rather loud - but this is the fan that came with the 212. Also I was reading another thread and realized that while I did tighten the four outer screws on the retainer clip, I neglected to do anything with the center screw which I assume has to be hand-tightened once the cooler is mounted. I don't think this will make much of a difference though as the cooler seems to be well secured (no movement once those four screws were tightened).
  2. When I'm in BIOS under JCPU fan control it says Smartfan. At idle in Windows 7 the fan is running at 1800 RPM.
  3. That's not really much of cooling with fans being restricted by those stamped meshes. And did you check how flat CPU's heatspreader and heatsink's base are?The CPU heatspreader looked pretty flat to me. The only thing I noticed is that when the CM212 is mounted it isn't perfectly parallel to the socket. It's probably off by 3 or 4 degrees but I am using the LGA1156 position for the mounting clamp and the screws all lined up fine so I thought thats just the way its supposed to be. Here is how it looks mounted - the misalignment is barely noticeable: ... CPU001.jpg Also the bottom of the heatsink base is flat because I checked it with a razor blade before I installed it. Those load temps were not with Linpack, they were with CPU:OCCT. As I am typing this (only the browser running) The core temps are 36,33,38,32 with the core clock at 2395 and cpu vcore at .88v
  4. I recently put together a new system (specs below) and think my temps are too high at idle and at load considering I am at stock voltages with everything on Auto. I was idling at 34c (37 was the hottest any single core got) and max core temp at 100% load using OCCT was 62. After running for two days I decided to re-check my thermal paste application (used Arctic Silver 5) which I had applied with the single-line method. As you can see below the coverage wasn't very good. ... CPU002.jpg ... CPU003.jpg Reading some forums I decided to clean it and try filling in the channels with AS5 then smoothing it with a razor blade. Then I applied two thin lines to the bottom of the 212 as seen in the images. I also put a rice-grain sized drop on the CPU and spread it with my finger wrapped in a ziplock. Afterwards I wiped the excess with a coffee filter and put it all back on. ... CPU009.jpg ... CPU007.jpg Now after I've been running it for another two days my idle temps are down a couple of degrees at idle and full load - everything still at stock ... eleet1.jpg ... eleet2.jpg Based on what everyone else has been reporting here it seems like my temps are too high. I am thinking of going back to a Zalman product at this point. Also of note I am currently only running a single fan on the front of the cooler blowing the air towards the back of the case. Room temp is 26c. I have two 120mm case fans - one in front for intake and one in the back for exhaust. Any help greatly appreciated! eVGA P55 LE (123-LF-E653-KR) i7 860 Lynnfield Cooler Master Hyper 212 Cooler Master Elite 335 Case Corsair HX 620 PSU eVGA 8800 GTS 640 4 GB Corsair DDR3 1600 100 GB OCZ Vertex LE SSD 640 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM SATA Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
  5. I have the Hyper 212 Plus I just installed in an Elite 335. When I close the case the copper nuts on the top come so close that only a couple of pieces of paper will fit between them and the side of the case. It closes so I guess I'm ok, but anyone else notice the fit is this tight?