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    Stacker 830

    now that you're in mod, buy one for me too ;P
  2. Yeah, when you have your own place, you have the luxury of putting your computer in a different room agree on this.. the privilege of having more rooms than the ones you need
  3. I wonder where you usually put your computer? because I seriusly dont know HOW YOU GUYS SLEEP with that huge ammount of light coming from your super modded computers lol! I swear even with a common CoolerMaster Cavalier 3's "ON" led and "HDD" led doesnt let me sleep at all, I have to cover them with a towel so I cant imagine what would happend If I go into modding spree with tons of light & stuff.
  4. devastator: the car is.. your.. computer??? o_O omg.. lol
  5. Yeah, tell me about it. It's such a huge relief. Unfortunately I had to leave the computer at the shop so they could run 'tests' on it overnight. I'm really not sure why you'd need to test a brand-new card. I swear they're probably playing Half-Life 2 in the back room of the store as we speak! *imagines this guy shaking like mad and doing the gollum thing* "my precius.. my treasuuure..... my leadtek 6800 gt!..."
  6. I wonder how many frigging money you guys get a month to burn that big ammount of stuff how about insteath of burning them, just give me them? im still on my old hercules prophet radeon9800 pro
  7. thanks Mr. Miyagi :> Im now very informed about this.
  8. yeah just noticed by now...but the installation instructions of coolermaster were VERY confusing they only say "follow steps 4 to 7 for AMD systems" but they never mentioned that you had to use the 2 mountin holes solution than the 4 mounting holes mode.
  9. I supose the weakness of silver is, its damn hard to clean once you apply it.. im right?
  10. dude, you almost gave me aheart atack..... >_<
  11. thanks guys! installed the vortex dream, it seems to work perfectly, and the vibration is being absorved by the backplate. and the feets that were not mounted with screws, are sitting on the silver bullets and thus not touching any important resistor or similars. this shows the damn silver bullets blocking the usual 4 mounting holes, leaving only 2...
  12. will this saturday, because I have to remove my heatsink and its backplate to show you how it looks and how the silver bullets are blocking the rest of the mounting holes.
  13. man, isnt it hard to sleep in your room with that much light? lol ^^ç I swear I always prefered closed cases than super-geek with lots of lights and windows ^-^ but I supose its a thing of tastes anyway looks very good, and agreee with the comments over here, you did a wonderful job on the wiring.
  14. seems everyone agree that it shouldnt be a problem to set the cooler ith only 2 mounting holes to put it.. I supose thats the way its installed on P4 systems right?
  15. Cooler MAster Thermal Grease or CoolerMaster Silver compound?(for cpus ) wich is better? one came with my ULTRA VORTEX, and other with my case as a bundle from my vendor... should I use the silver one ? or just the thermal grease?
  16. you have a tower system or a horizontal system? if you say horizontal, and I get more "GO AHEAD" I swear im gonna do it You mean, tower cause the horizontal system would be easy. Mine is a wave master (ATX Tower) case and it's fine. I say GO GO GO! And make sure to clean off the old thermal paste and put on fresh stuff. yeah I mean TOWER = vertical motherboard while Desktop = horizontal motherboard. the weight would be more critical when its on tower mode, but if you say its safe, I will try installing again on this weekend, let's see how it goes
  17. you have a tower system or a horizontal system? if you say horizontal, and I get more "GO AHEAD" I swear im gonna do it
  18. but that means I can still install the ULTRA VORTEX using only thee 2 holes? I mean the silver bullets seems to permit the ultra vortex to sit, but 2 holes with that huge monster makes me fear it would destroy the mainboard.
  19. agree, the installation of both are too diferent plus the default instructions of some products of coolermaster are too anbiguous and confusing..
  20. its because socket 754 is very limited, you should have upgraded to socket 939 using winchester core, way cooler, more overcloking godness and with cool & quiet
  21. Hello folks, wondering if you can all give me some tips on installing this huge fan on my motherboard, the problem is.. Im scared of damaging it or wrongly installed it because.. the motherboard cpu slot looks diferent from the ones that were shown on many tutorials.. infact, the problem is the metal plating, after removing it, it only leaves 2 mounting holes, ( seems like a p4? ) and all tutorials says I need to get at least 4 mounting holes to install this properly ( note that ASUS a8V deluxe is for k8 socket 939 ) The problem is, the mounting rest of the mounting holes seems to be blocked with silver looking metal.(leaving only 2 advailiable ) I dont know if anyone had this trouble before.. so Im atm using the default heatsink-fan of my athlon 64 3000+ winchester. I've seen one guy who claimed that he installed the ULTRA VORTEX on his asus, unfortunately, the thread was locked on that site I found him, and there was no way to contact him. also for the mods, im had a serius pain in the :) to register on this forum, the first 3 attemps, never got any confirmation email, thus getting droped and my accounts are like ghosts, registered but inactive and unable to use had to use my M$N e-mail to get it working..