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  1. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that the bottle itself is unlabeled (except to say Cooler Master and Thermal Paste). That website only tests one Cooler Master paste, namely ThermalFusion 400. Should I assume that's what I've got here? There seems to be no way of knowing.
  2. Hey everybody, I'm building a new computer this summer and have already purchased the 212. I was going to buy some thermal paste (around $10) and then realized that the 212 does come with some paste in the bag. What I'm wondering is if anyone here has the product and can vouch for its quality. For reference (as it relates to cooling), my current build contains: [*:3gfmc9rk]i7-930 (possible overclocking in the future) [*:3gfmc9rk]HAF 922 case (though I may switch it out for the HAF X) [*:3gfmc9rk]a second 120mm fan for the heatsink [*:3gfmc9rk]ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard My wishlist can be seen on Newegg at this link. Thanks for the help! (If you have any general comments about the build, feel free to let me know.)