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  1. so have you installed everything if so how are the temps???
  2. I have done that setup using a Black Ice Extreme rad I was using a xp2600+( highly oc'ed) also cooling my vid card temps were a lil high but stable but the guys here said it would kill my pump early so I chaned up ... give it a try and let me know how it works out
  3. Had my aquagate for about 11 months now had to top it off once...just make sur ethe cap is on good and tight.....
  4. Well at least you know the chip can run WITHOUT proper cooling even tho you didnt mean to test it out also with the power conector unplugged you still had a display on the front of your AG just curious...
  5. No one mentioned the auto shut off feature I mean name a DIY kit that will shut down the pc if you loose fluid or overheats. I think that is a great feature now the CM AG will not break any cooling records but it does keep my chip cool.
  6. I am running my aquagate on a 64 3000+ at 2.6 for some time now temps are 40 ish stable not looking to break any cooling records but it does work. The auto shut down feature is a good selling point ( if you loose fluid or it over heats it will turn off your system) I did have it cooling my Gpu as well as my CPU a while ago also in the loop was a BIX rad but it was a ATI 9500 and a XP 2500+ temps were not that great I never tried that setup with my new stuff. Over all I like the system dispite what some folks may say just google it and read some reviews of people who actually tested teh system..
  7. I have already used this Aquagate with a( 2500 Barton---9700pro gpu---Black Ice Extreme 120mm Rad---Aquagate ) and it kept the temps in check 50-51 under load and my cpu and gpu was highly oc'ed so the CM Aquagate can cool more than one piece. That was not the question I was just wondering should I do it again with the new stuff and I have had several DIY kits already I have had this kit for a few months it seems to be holding up.
  8. Yeah I was thinking the same thing thinking of this pump
  9. Now the question is should/can I run it with just the aquagate ( now I did run my aquagate with cpu/vga blocks b4 and temps were not too bad 45-51 load BUT it was with a xp2500+ @2250 and a ATI 9700 pro also overclocked. In the loop I also had a black Ice extreme rad. Now with my new setup amd 64 3000+ with a leadtek 6600 GT ya think it will work again or should I get a seperate pump just for the gpu....
  10. Dont they have like a 2 year warrenty on these things I was thinking about having my AG running into my new 6600GT into a Black Ice Extreme Rad and my 64 3000+ but I may just have my AG run my CPU and get another pump to run my 6600gt....
  11. As I type I am running full load the room temp is 23c and my Aquagate is running at 38c but I am ocing my chip to almost 2.6 from 1.8 at at 1.5v...
  12. Well I installed the DD WB and temps pretty much stayed the same. But I do understand your point.
  13. Sorry bout your equipment well I sent off my block to CM I assume they are gonna send me a replacement block but since I had the old block and you had the new block and they both cracked I have since replaced my block with another coppertop and will not put another clear top WB on my system.
  14. Newegg says the block is for the Nforce 6 series so I am not sure.
  15. As long as you gont have it in between the chip and the cooler.