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  1. Was it the Centurion 1? I don't recall there being any low-mid range cases during the ATCS days, were there any? Just curious.
  2. Oh my lord those cases are soooo damn nice I wish CM would release something in that style again Makes me glad I own a lot of the classics.
  3. NV-man

    To Cooler Master

    http://www.sundialmicro.com/images/prod ... spb210.jpg [Edit] Please don't hot link pictures that you don't own. Please use your own image host. Thank you.
  4. NV-man

    To Cooler Master

    No it's not. The ATC-111 has the same side window as the wavemaster. The ATC-110 on the other hand used the version F side panels, whereas all the cases after that used the revision side C panels. Here's a pic pic
  5. NV-man

    To Cooler Master

    tried it already, no luck...
  6. NV-man

    To Cooler Master

    So, I just got my beloved ATC-110 and now I'm on the hunt for a window side panel for it. I know that this case has been out of a production for a while, but does Cooler Master still have some replacement parts for this case in stock? Where might I find a clear side panel for it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hey, glad to see I'm not the only one who wants this. What cases do you own? I will help as I have little collection of my own as well.
  8. I'm sure this has been brought up before but how come CM doesn't have an archive for their discontinued products? I'm talking mainly cases here, it would be very helpful to post specs, pictures, and other relevant info like dates of introduction and and discontinuation of products.
  9. SmoothCreations rocks!! My CM ATC 110 will be a two-tone paint job, black chassis, front bezel will be silver, all high gloss for 300 shipped. Not bad it'll be painted in the same fashion as Falcon NW painted their ATC 110 (smoothcreations actually paints those for 'em) except it'll be in silver and black! it's gonna look sick!
  10. Ooooooh you have the 111C anyway you'd part with it? Yea once my 110 gets here I'll post some pics, now I just got to get some actual computer parts to put in these cases
  11. So currently I have the ATC 210 VX2 with the CM logo window ATC 220 AX1 with square window, and the ATC 710 SX2 with a side panel window from an antec plusview ATC 110 is on its way! Now you may say I have issues and you'r probably right, but damn I love these cases! Come to think of it, 90% of the cases I own are all Cooler Masters. PS: I love the new Centurion 534 it has the simple and elegant look of older line of CM cases, good job!
  12. NV-man

    Stacker 830

    lol, ok. From what I saw the cooling options look amazing, still not warming up to the look though. I'll wait and see how it progresses.
  13. NV-man

    Stacker 830

    Where did the "detail pictures of Stacker 830" thread go?
  14. They probably just bought a lot of these cases when they were still in production.
  15. I know your pain, I also desperately want Cooler Master to bring back their entire ATC/ATCS line, but sadly that's not going to happen. Personally I think that the problem maybe that Cooler master doesn't have the right over those cases as they were designed by ATCS which went out of business in 2003. All the former ATCS engineers I think are now mostly at Silverstone.