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  1. Agreed!, I wonder how well a PS2 would fit in there
  2. Thanks, I got the case becasue it was onsale at CompUSA for $20 Take a look at my rads, they JUST fit in there by a HAIR! This case was a perfect fit, besides it doesnt look THAT large next to my Stacker tonet1714 you can get them at almost any online WC store, but personally I buy mine at PerformancePC's.com.
  3. Well I figured I would post up my stacker, I had to censor my cooling tower due to the violation of CM forum rules. Anyway enjoy ps. Sorry about the blurry pics my camera is in need of repair
  4. Speaking of stackers, I just realized I have not posted mine up here yet. Heres my WC'ed stacker. The antec tower next to it houses the watercooling gear. And the specs: Black CoolerMaster CM Stacker Case: P4 3.4@3.74 w/ Danger Den TDX Block Asus P4C800-E Deluxe BFG 6800 Ultra <-- Died in for an RMA. 1 TDK Internal 8X DVD+/-RW DVD Writer & 1 Sony Internal 16X DVD+/-RW / Double Layer Drive 2X 512 OCZ PC3200 DDR400 HDD's: 1 120gb Seagate SATA - 1 200gb Seagate ATA Fans: 4-80mm 1-92mm 4-120mm (W/C is external)
  5. Sorry guys forgot I posted here. Anywho, the window is really easy to do on your own. Step 1: Measure out a design, MAKING SURE THE WINDOW IS NOT TOO BIG! Make sure the plexi goes no more than 2 1/4" from the back, 2" from the top , bottom, and front. IF you make it larger than this you WILL NOT be able to put the door on! Step 2: After its all measured out I took a part of sheetmetal snips (left and right ones) and CAREFULLY cut it out. Make sure to precisely and GENTLY cut, it nicks extremely easy. Step 3: After its all cut out take a bastard grain file and grind down those places where you cut a little off line. Then, your good ol' dremel and sand the edges out to make them smooth. Step 4: I cut the plexi so it is 1/2" larger than the cutout on the door is. Step 5: Find some flush-head bolts, ream out the holes you drilled out, and bolt the plexi on. Step 6: If successfull with all of the above admire your work . Optional step: Take a permanent felt tip marker and run it along the bare aluminum, you cut for the window, to make it better blend in with the rest of the door. Good luck guys
  6. Went ahead and made my own, not the factory CM window shape, but it makes the case look more roomy. Came our excellent in person
  7. Maybe I am confusing some by saying BTX. The access door to the motherboard is now on the right side of the case. Regardless, I am determined to keep my case BTX for various reasons. Unless they come out with a BTX window (highly doubtfull) ill just stick with my own design. Ill try and mimik the the CM Stacker has out now. On a side note, its a shame the window isnt square, you then yould be able to unscrew it and turn the logo so it faces rightside up. To answer another question, is the CM STACKER logo engraved/etched or is that a sticker on the window? Thank you for the replies!
  8. I think I have come to the conclusion, I am going to cut my own. Ill have be carefull not to scratch the anodized parts. Besides the window you all are waiting for wont even be made in BTX. I already have a sheet of plexi laying around. I think with some time and patience I can make it look very decent!
  9. Thanks for replying CooL Blooded. One more question. I dont care about it being upside down, but about the CM Stacker Logo on the windo itself. Is that an etching or a sticker?
  10. I know this is a little off topic but here it goes, I am a brand new user of the Black stacker (I love it) and I found this thread just before I bought it. My question is, I have my case in a BTX style right now, do windows exist that are for the right side on the case (btx xtyle if you will)? If I were to take a lefty and put it on the right, the logo and window would be updise down. I forget what thread it was but one of the moderators said it was possible. I was just wondering if this is true? If not Ill break out the shears PS. First post at the CM forums.