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  1. cables looks good. can I use another unpowered case's power switch to start the system?
  2. with DFI NF4 ultra-d Mobo According to Mobo instruction ATX-SW(ATX Power Switch) Pin------------Pin Assignment 8--------------PWRBT+ 10-------------PWRBT- I put pin with a +sign into pin 8. a -sign into pin 10 on Front Panel Connector. Start button not work. is the start button Faulty? I have to use power switch button on Mobo to start system. Reset button on the case works.
  3. CM does not tell on it website. Real Power 450(RS-450-ACLY) found reviews telling has active pFC. what about Real Power 450(RS-450-ACLX)?
  4. due to Praetorian731 is not available in Australia. I think of Praetorian (PAC-T01). what is the panel thickness of original Praetorian (PAC-T01)? do you know how much is Praetorian731?
  5. U can get a 20->24 adaptor. what is the point of the adaptor? why not leave the extra 4 pins empty.
  6. Does the power supply on Centurion 5 comes with a SATA cable. do I need a SATA cable to power my SATA Harddisk?
  7. is it possible to install cpu air duct on centurion 5 for both windowed and closed case?