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  1. coyote

    seeking max 3.5" drive airflow

    I want a case that hold as many 3.5" drives as possible; PC World mentioned that the Cosmos II case holds 13. Another thing I want is max airflow over the 3.5" drives; I'd like to have or add fans on both sides of the cage for the drives (pointing at on one side, pointing away on the other). Can you please tell me (I can't tell from the pictures, and don't know where near San Francisco I can see them) if any of your cases meets these wishes?
  2. coyote

    2-pin adaptor (to 3 or 4 pin)?

    thank you for your reply, neverXmiss; I had hoped to make it clear I knew that when I wrote "to standard 3-pin female or 4-pin male molex (I don't have a Storm case)" in my initial post. the quote "an electrically savvy person could wire the LEDs to work" in that newegg url in my initial post led me to hope otherwise. if my hope wasn't misplaced, perhaps some electrically savvy person will be so kind as to tell me how to make it work, or suggest another hardware forum when I might get such advice please.
  3. coyote

    2-pin adaptor (to 3 or 4 pin)?

    thank you for your reply neverXmiss, I'm sorry I didn't make it clear that I understand that the molex already powers the fan. And that I don't care if fan RPM is reported.but I do want the LEDs to turn on/off (at least when the computer turns on/off), so I would be very grateful if someone can please say how I can connect that 2-pin.
  4. coyote

    2-pin adaptor (to 3 or 4 pin)?

    How please can I connect the 2-pin female connector of CoolerMaster's "Storm Force 200mm Blue LED" R4-LUS-10AB-GP to standard 3-pin female or 4-pin male molex (I don't have a Storm case)? I guess I'm seeking advice on an adaptor, or on rigging a connection. I'm not an electrical wiz, but am *very* motivated because at 142cfm this fan moves much more air than it's competition like the 110cfm CoolerMaster "Megaflow". (I see in Comments at that without proper connection, people burn the LEDs out.) FYI, I will always want the fan at full speed; I'll be delighted if the LEDs simply turn on/off when the computer turns on/off. Thank you very much for any help, I would *love* to buy some of these fans!