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  1. welcome to the club
  2. wow, that looks great in black. not good enough for me to give up my T01 but still great!
  3. that case manufacturer sells them, email them.
  4. I paid $5 for one, to replace the cooler on my old 5200Ultra, dropped the temps decently but i moreso bought it because the cooler on the 5200U was WAY TOO LOUD. Nice and quiet cooler. Anyway, not worth more than a few bucks and a real pain in the :) to install.
  5. well i have another solution, this one isnt as complex as the one i linked to. This is for a K8 setup with TWO mounting holes (since they seem to be the only ones that have any sort of problem). Things you need: Motherboard retail backplate setup (screws, backplate) (4) Rubber Washers from the Hyper6+ (4) #8 Nylon Washers (2) 8-32 Insert Lock Nuts Take your mobo retail backplate apart. Remove the screws, the black plastic and the metal plate. You are going to reuse the metal plate and the screws. Put the rubber washers(not the plastic ones) on the bottom and the top of the board (over the mounting holes, of course, use all 4) Place the screws into the backplate from the BOTTOM up (so the threads are showing on the front of the mobo) and then reinsert the backplate through the mobo holes. *Place 2 nylon washers on each bolt (right on top of the rubber washers). Mount the Hyper6+ onto the screws/mobo. Take the lock nuts and tighten them down. BOOM, you're done. *If you notice you have a spacing problem, remove/add nylon washers as necessary. I'll take pics if anyone needs to see them to understand what im talking about. But it works great and is a :) of a lot easier than the link I posted.
  6. tried it again, the "stepped" screws will NOT thread through the k8/p4/etc bracket. the wider part seems juuuuuuuuust too big to go through any of the brackets. if it did, it would fit perfectly.
  7. Alright im gonna give it a shot again when I get back from the gym in a little bit, i dont have a video card so my pc is down anyway, but im gonna confirm what he is saying by bolting this mf'er up with the retail nuts/bolts!!!
  8. i just went to Lowes (or your local home improvement store) and picked up the items that were listed in the link I had posted earlier. Got it installed just fine, much easier than wrestling with it!
  9. efficiency is the most important. if its not efficient the only piece of metal its worth being in is a trash can. 550w is enough. i prefer a modular setup simply because i despise useless wires.
  10. nah, i JUST tried the test fit 30 seconds before i posted the thread. i did find a solution though, this worked for an ASRock board but i dont see why it wouldnt work for the a8n-sliD either. ... er6/g1.htm
  11. i dunno, doesnt look too good now. i did a test fit without the cpu on, and there was BARELY enough thread to get the nuts on. the cpu with the IHS on will raise the height a small amount, meaning even less thread.
  12. the one i bought my gf came with 2 vents on the sidepanel.
  13. Can anyone confirm if this cooler fits or not? I have read from a lot of people that the screws arent long enough but noone ever gives a definitive "DOESNT WORK AND I GOT RID OF IT" answer. I bought a hyper6+ merely because it was only $30 and had already ordered an A8N-SLI, so if it wont fit ill just sell the Asus board and get something else Thanks!