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  1. Yes, the cooler arrived in good order today. I also received the CM Store update to tell me it had shipped, but I got the cooler before I got the email. Thank you, it looks like a very nice cooler. I'm anxious to complete the build. Grump
  2. I placed the order through the CM Store several days ago, but it still says processing credit card. That's an awfully long time to process. If the product isn't in stock, it should say so. I'd like to finish building my computer. Can you check into it for me? Order number 5625. Thanks, Grump
  3. Thank you. I wonder why all my searches on Google and on CM's own main site didn't turn up that page??? Thanks again. Grump
  4. I have spent more than an hour visiting websites that are supposed to carry Cooler Master products, but not one of them has the Vortex Plus (RR-VTPS-28PK-R1). I have to put together a SFF computer and my mATX motherboard can't use a 120 or larger cooler because it blocks the video card slot. In fact, the cooler is also limited in height because the case I'm using has only a little over 100mm from CPU to the top. I think the Vortex Plus may be the best cooler I can use in this situation. Any reputable online dealer would be fine. I can't believe a nice little cooler like this isn't carried by at least some of the dealers listed in the "Where To Buy" section of the Cooler Master website (and one of the sites redirects to another dealer that doesn't carry any CM parts). Old man needs help. Thank you, Grump
  5. You're right, I don't know what I was thinking. I musta parked on a dead brain cell. Sorry. Grump
  6. The Hyper 6+ may not fit your socket A motherboard. I have 3 such motherboards, all different brands, and can't install my Hyper 6+ on any of them. The capacitors are in the way. I suggest you look at the other Cooler Master CPU coolers, including their offering of water cooling solutions, for your socket A board.
  7. Are you implying that you work for Cooler Master? Just curious. It sounds like it from that statement.
  8. The Real Power 450W has three 12v leads that have 7 standard connectors. There is an additional 12v. lead that has 2 SATA connectors. I don't think I have ever seen a PSU with only 2 connectors. If you tried to describe your power supply by naming it or providing a link to it, you broke the rules and it wasn't necessary. Just tell us what the rated power is and what its leads contain. Grump
  9. It's aluminuminuminum, cutting it with a holesaw or jigsaw should not be a problem for a good blade. Waterjetting a 120mm hole should not be difficult to set up and cut. It's not a special design, it's a circle. If it cost more than $35.00, plus shipping, I would be very surprised.
  10. First, welcome to the forums. Second, "Help" is about the worst topic title you can use on any forum. Try to be a little more descriptive. Now, if all you have is 2 power connectors on your PSU, it's time to look for a new PSU. Cooler Master has an excellent selection. Adding too many splitters to your power leads is not a good idea. I don't know if your particular PSU can handle it because, like your topic title, you gave us no information to go on.
  11. Does that mean you are privy to other manufacturer's methods? I don't see what that has to do with it. Are there test results (with corroboration) that show Cooler Master's specs to be false? In other words, has anyone shown that the decibel level is higher and the flow rate lower consistently with more than one of the same fan? So, you're saying some other company's fans are audibly louder than your fan (but you don't know what that decibel level is either?), so Cooler Master specs must be inaccurate too? I still don't understand and this doesn't sound at all like any accurate testing method to me either. If you agree that your terminology was too strong and if you are apologetic, maybe you should consider using the edit button instead of leaving an insult and accusation you can't prove. Grump
  12. That's a pretty strong statement, Mindless. Why don't you back it up with facts instead of posting what just appears to be an inflamatory post. If you have some test results that show the unit is louder than claimed, or processes less air than claimed, then let us know.
  13. I don't have a computer in my bedroom. My most brightly lit computer is in my office. Even so, those eyes are really switches that turn the lights on and off. Even the LED fan on the Hyper 6 can be turned off (the Hyper 6 works just fine as a fanless cooler as long as you're not taxing the CPU). Mad Modders would have a way to adjust or turn the lighting on and off. Crazy Modders wouldn't.
  14. Grump


    I have a Prescott 3.2GHz on my board, keeping cool under a Hyper 6 CPU Cooler. I have it stuffed in a Wave Master with the standard five 80mm fans and a 120mm psu fan (they're all CM Neon LED fans). No heating problems, no noise problems. I love my Wave Master. It looks just like me.
  15. I've been modding a while now and have tried a number of silencing solutions. I haven't found the mesh screen that comes with the Wave Master to be contributing to any noise factor. It also doesn't seem to restrict air flow to any extent. In fact, I even painted mine, which would effectively make the holes even smaller. I did replace the stock fan with a Neon LED fan from Cooler Master and mounted it with some rubber washers to eliminate any vibration. The new fan was not any quieter than the stock fan. Since I use the Aerogate 1 to control fan speed, it's extremely quiet while still being an efficient cooler (in an exhaust capacity). When my system is going full throttle, I have one 120mm LED fan (in the psu, exhausting) five 80mm Neon LED fans spinning (top exhaust, rear exhaust, cpu fan and 2 in my mouth). The real noise maker, ironically, is my mouth (the teeth fan grill to be precise). But it's still the quietest and most powerful computer I've owned. And that's a Prescott 3.2GHz in there. Never heard of anyone burning out a fan because of the mesh. You might want to use it without the foam filter -- it doesn't do any good in an exhaust fan anyway. You could also mod your own grill by drilling new holes. There's enough room for a 120mm fan, if you want, too.