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  1. Hyper 48 problems

    will any insulated wire do or does it have to be a certain size? Thz
  2. Hyper48 fan speed not showing in motherboard BIOS

    Me too mate i have an av8 with only 3 pin on motherboard From my point of view this fan isnt fully compatable with 939 boards if the fan aint running as fast as it should But what do i know
  3. Hyper 48 problems

    completely lost sry just not sure what to do
  4. Hyper 48 problems

    Thx ron ill wait np but please be clear in your description on how to do it Thx Steve
  5. Hyper 48 problems

    Anyone Or an official response Please If this is how its supposed to work why do i get a fan error on bootup????
  6. Hyper 48 problems

    But coolermaster says it s 939 compatible so why isnt it fitting right?
  7. Hyper 48 problems

    Not sure what you mean
  8. Hyper 48 problems

    Is this what i need to buy
  9. Hyper 48 problems

    So what am i supposed to do is there a 3 to 4 pin convertor cable cause when i boot up now i get a fan error and im told to press F1 It does load into windows tho but thats not the point it isnt working as it should And im not buying a fan controller thats not on
  10. Hyper 48 problems

    I have it connected but its running at 1200 is this right?
  11. Hyper 48 problems

    Right 1st of all ive fitted the heatsink and fan no problem But here is the problem i have an Asus AV8 Deluxe with fan connectors that are 3 pin and the connector on the Hyoer 48 is 4 pin so where do i connect oit or will i need a 4 pin to 3 pin convertor? Please help
  12. CM Coolant in Europe ?

    And £10 + delivery for the privalage
  13. aquagate liquid cooling system

    I have when can i expect something done? sry to be impatient
  14. aquagate liquid cooling system

    Right the system is on and workin perfectly other than the lcd isnt working The beeping only happened once and thats when the lcd went completely blankafter a high pitch wining sound (it was not a beep your temps are set too low beep) The liquid is full to the top so no need to fill it and it appears to be working other than the lcd The temperature with asus prob is hovering around 38/40 when it was usually 35 so im a little concerned Does the lcd not show up if the heat probe dies? And can anybody advise me as to how i am to deal with this Many thx Steve
  15. aquagate liquid cooling system

    Hi im trying to get help regarding the failure of the lcd panel in this system (aquagate liquid cooling system)the internal/external model I turned the pc on and there was a really hi pitched sound then when the pc booted up there was no lcd display Please can you help As im not sure if its safe to use the liquid seems to be moveing but now im not sure of the temps If possible can you please ring and talk to me as i cant get through on the phone Send me a pm and ill give you the telephone number Many thx Steve