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  1. heheh zero, its not silly because i thought like that too , but it was not this .. bigbad was completely right , this time I tested it with all probes and its working fine now .. Thanks alot guys for the quick answers,now Im gonna enjoy my new computer with aerogate 2 , I will post a picture later =). Thanks!!
  2. Hello bigbad, the only thing i can see is the rpm.. I tried changing the sensors .. but it still beeps and the temperature remains "00" ... rpm is ok though .. is there any tutorial to install the aerogate 2 ? because the original manual doesnt help .. i know it's something easy to do, but since im getting this error ,something must be wrong .. thanks!
  3. hey , I installed aerogate 2 and it keep buzzing , telling that something is OFF , in the CPU menu, I can see the rpm though.. what could be happening ,please ? Thanks in advance!!