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  1. I don't have compatibility issue here but the silver paint cracked and chipped around USB/firewire/mic panel panel. I have two of them, two has same problem. Now my retailer wont accept returns and CM doesn't care. The side panel is not well balanced on one of them. Both cases' side panels are hard to slide in/out.... whole machine is really mediocre quality built. XenoS can you PM me which companies products that you replaced your Stacker 830?
  2. Anyone? If you do, where you bought it from?
  3. If CM for sure will sell black version of stacker, yes i definitely will trash my PC-V1000 for stacker for better cooling solution. I received 5 CM Stackers from Newegg and they all have dents on top of them. I thought this defects was fixed in revisions. Or is Newegg.com still selling the bad versions of CM Stackers? For sure, unless if newegg.com was not selling those bad CM stackers, I will keep all of them. Does anyone know which reseller sell revisions of CM Stacker?
  4. Probably they going to replace the same version of the case.... but I will contact them anyway.
  5. Does anyone know where to get revised verson of Stacker? I got a CM stacker from NewEgg and it has dents on top of it which obviously it is the first release.