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  1. I only have one video card and I have not OC'd anything on my system. The BFG models come from the factory slightly OC'd. There appears to be some disagreement over whether or not my RP 450 is powerful enough for my system. Well, from my experience, it's not. The new PC P&C unit works great. I put the RP 450 into my other system: XP3200+, Shuttle AN35 Ultra NF2, ATI 9600XT 256, 160 GB Maxtor, NEC 1300 DVD-RW, 1GB Corsair & it appears to be working OK.
  2. The CM website says 18A & the label on the unit says it.
  3. My previous Shuttle NF2/XP3200+ w/ 9800 Pro worked OK w/ the Real Power 450 for a few months. However, I was getting random total shutdowns every now & then. The BFG 6800 OC is slightly overclocked. The 1st one worked OK for a a few weeks, the I started getting artifacts & random crashes (even when not playing games). I RMA'd it...The replacement worked OK until a long session of gaming completely knocked it out. (I tried both cards in second PC w/ same results) BFG suggested it could be the PSU. The RP 450 has 12V rail w/ 18A peak power. I decided to go for a new PSU w/ 24A peak. So far, so good.
  4. OK... Here's my system: Aopen NF3 board BFG 6800 OC video two DVD drives two HDD Audigy 2 1 GB RAM Leadtek TV tuner/PVR XP Pro
  5. I am very disappointed w/ this unit. I believed after reading reviews & specs it had sufficient power for my system, but it does not. My AMD 64 3700+ CPU & BFG Nvidia 6800 video card were too much for it to handle. My PC had screen artifacts & crashed often when playing 3D games & benchmark apps. My first two BFG 6800 cards actually had to be replaced as they were damaged by this underpowered product. I replaced it w/ a competitor unit last week & now my third 6800 performs flawlessly. My 3DMark2003 score actually went up 1100 points! I believe I wasted my money & I will likely not buy another Cooler Master product.
  6. The issue is not total watts used. The power gauge does not move past 1/3 across very often. It has to do w/ the 12V rails. They don't have the headroom that my system appears to need.
  7. I believe I need to replace my Real Power 450 w/ a better unit... When I first got my PSU unit, I had a Shuttle Nforce 2 MB w/ an Athlon XP 3200+ & an ATI 9800 Pro. Games worked OK. However, I got random shutdowns occasionally. I thought it was a PSU problem, I emailed Coolermaster tech support, but they said if the unit was working there is no problem... I recently upgraded my PC to an Aopen Nforce3 MB w/ an Athlon 64 3700+, & BFG 6800 OC video card. Initially I had no problems, but after a couple of weeks I could not play 3D games or run 3DMark programs. I would get artifacts, freezing, crashing. I RMA'd the video card back to BFG. My replacement video card worked OK for a few days, then one day after a few hrs of games, my monitor started flickering. When I rebooted, I started getting video related error beep codes & the monitor would not turn on. I tried the vid card in another PC & got same error codes. I am RMAing this one back to BFG today. I did some research I believe the problem is the 12V rail is not rubust enough for my power hungry system. I need a unit that will produce at least 26A. The CM 450 only does 18A. I think my video cards went bad from a too weak 12V rail.
  8. I know that this is a difficult problem to figure out. I do have a spare PSU, but it's a crappy inadequate one that I don't want to use. I've had the CM 450W unit since last autumn & the PC has done this shutdown thing probably under 8 times total. The PC is running almost continuously, and aside from this annoyance, runs great. The Shuttle nForce2 mobo was purchased last summer. The temps appear OK...I am using a Thermalright SLK-800U w/ a quiet Panaflow fan & Arctic Silver.
  9. My PC randomly shuts down. It doesn't happen every could go a few weeks without happening. However, it has happened twice in four days. I play games on my PC (Half Life 2, Doom 3 etc), but it has never occured during a gaming session. The Event Viewer shows nothing. I will be just surfing the web, or emailing... SYMPTOMS: A. PC will completely shutdown without warning. B. Thud from speakers, monitor & mouse shut off, but lights & fans in case still on. Pressing power button turns off PC, starts OK. C. Similar to event B., but pressing power button does not shutdown PC. Have to use switch on PSU to power off. Starts OK afterwards. I know these type of things are very difficult to diagnose. All drivers & BIOS are up to date. My PC: Cooler Master 450W PSU Shuttle AN35N w/ AMD XP3200+ 1GB Corsair DDR 3200 MSI Radeon 9800 Pro Maxtor & Seagate drives Aopen & NEC DVD drives Audigy 2 sound