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  1. OK guys, thanks. They told me that I needed a better PSU (had 300W) before buying the 6800GT, but it now looks like it wasn't needed. BTW, How accurate is this meter?
  2. OK, this is my system: AMD Ahtlon 64 3400+ MSI K8N Neo Platinum Edition 1024MB DDR400 Leadtek 6800GT 256 MB AGP 1* 160 GB SATA 1* DVD-rewriter 1* Floppydrive 1* Coolermaster Musketeer 1 1* Case-fan (few Watts)
  3. Hello, I've just got the Coolermaster Real Power 450W PSU, I installed everything correctly but it now seems like the wattage meter doesn't go above 150 Watts, even during heavy loads. Is this possible, or does the meter has a malfunction? Second, is there a program in which you can watch your current watt-usage? Thanks in advance, Sander Parijs