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  1. FusionXP

    Rifle Bearing?

    It's too bad Coolermaster doesn't make the rifle bearing LED fans anymore. I have 2 80mm in my Wavemaster and two of the LED's on one fan are flickering. I think they are going to die soon. I wanted to get another fan but they don't make that model (TLF-R82-E1) anymore. Now they have the TLF-S82 with the sleeve bearing.
  2. FusionXP

    System panel connections on Wavemaster?

    Thanks guys.... on another forum someone said the little raised triangle is negative. Another said it doesn't matter in what direction you plug them in. LOL
  3. For the life of me I can't find any info on what wire color is positive, negative or ground for the RESET SW, POWER SW, H.D.D LED and Speaker. I know where to attach them on the mobo (ASUS P4C800-E) but in what direction? For example, should the blue wire be connected to the PWR pin or Ground pin for the power switch? This is what the Wavemaster case has: Blue/White - Power Switch Orange/White - H.D.D LED Grey/Grey - Reset Switch Red/Black - Speaker
  4. FusionXP

    Can't seem to find a black Wavemaster window side panel.

    Thanks but I forgot to say that I liked the blue window better. Sorry. One site has an ETA for late May. Don't know why these are so hard to come by in Canada. Does CoolerMaster have any plans on making a window similar to the Stacker? You know what I mean, with the one corner rounded.
  5. Hi, guys. I can't seem to find a black Wavemaster window side panel that is in stock here in Canada. Can anyone point me to a store that has them in stock, preferably in Canada? Thanks
  6. FusionXP

    Filters for Wavemaster

    Yeah they do... Today's word is interchangable parts? interchangable parts are used to keep costs down and to speed up production and make repairs eaier. In some cases interchangable parts are also used to confuse the crap out of people because they have screw holes and crap that don't belong because they're meant for another product. then again it could just be like the wavemaster's appendix (err did I spell that right) .... no one knows why it's there.... it's just there... So the Praetorian has filters? Can they be purchased seperatley? Maybe they would fit my the Wavemaster. On another note, anyone know what those retention module screws are for? They are in the little plastic bag that has the CoolerMaster badge? Could it be they are used for the cpu cooler mounting on some mobos?
  7. FusionXP

    Filters for Wavemaster

    Does anyone know what those tabs are for on the Wavemaster? Could this be for some optional filter system? Anyways I have some filters I want to install but the screws are too short to hold the filters on the other side of the frame on tight. They would probably hold if I shave off a little of the filter mounting tabs but I don't want to mess them up. Can I get similar screws that are installed with those fans but longer?
  8. FusionXP

    Oil residue and blemishes on black Wavemaster

    It's not a big deal, I can't see the blemishes if I look at it straight on but it just bugs be that they are there. Would it be safe to polish the panels with auto polish? I don't know how deep the paint is so I might ruin them. Anyone polish these in the past?
  9. FusionXP

    How do I install a grill on top of the black Wavemaster?

    Thanks. Yeah that's what I want but it looks like those were cut. The opening is much larger than the stock. I'm not brave enough to start cutting my new case. Is there any mod that can be done to attach a 80mm fan.
  10. I meant to ask this yesterday when I got the case but forgot. When I was taking out my case from the plastic bag I noticed that there was this oil residue all over the painted panels. I managed to buff most of it off with a chamois but was this applied on purpose for some reason? Anyways after cleaning it all off there are some areas aren't as shiny when looking at the side panels from an angle. It almost looks like the plastic bag blemished the paint. Anyone else have this on their black Wavemaster. Thanks
  11. I just purchased the black Wavemaster and was wondering how to install a top chrome or black wire grill will a 80mm fan. I know that it comes with that fine mesh grill and is designed for the fan to slip in but I don't really like it. Is there any pictures with a Wavemaster that has a wire grill on top? I seen one in a magazine a while back but don't have it anymore. Thanks
  12. FusionXP


    Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks
  13. FusionXP


    Any news yet?
  14. FusionXP

    WaveMaster finish... Painted or Aluminum?

    What about the windowed panel CoolerMaster offers? Is that also painted? I always thought that people were painting these themselves and it originally was black anodized all the way around. If you look at the pics from their site you can see that it's anodized but in the description it says glossy finished... Wave Master Panel
  15. Does the black WaveMaster have a glossy paint finish or is it just black aluminum? And what about the optional window panel. Is that also glossy painted to match or just black aluminum. I'm asking all this because I'm about to get the case along with the optional window side panel. I will be taking the plexi from the outside and installing it inside for that clean look. Now if I do this will the plexi leave some slight marrying or blemish around the edge of the front painted surface (if it's painted) or aluminum? Thanks