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  1. nagoo81

    CM Stacker Versions

    There in lies the come only 3/5 of the questions are able to be answered? You'd think that with a bulletin board you could easily come up with all of them.
  2. I really do think a mini FAQ or a sticky post with all of these Stacker issues/problems as a guide to prospective buyers is warranted at this time. There are too many posts that are all over the place and unfocused for a person looking for in-depth info to look for. Let's not be mistaken here...I do consider buying a $180 computer chassis a pretty major purchase (to those who don't, well, make sure you buy premium gas for that car). As a new buyer, I want to know what I'm getting into...I want to know what my $180 + shipping is getting me. Again, I'm grateful for these foums, but I really think we should try to consolidate this info so it is accurate and easy to find and reference. I'll be more than happy to help assemble the FAQ item for this guide. Thanks.
  3. ...Hi! I can't wait to join the CM-Stacker brotherhood. But, a few questions first... Is there a way I can know if the Stacker I'm getting has the 3.5" Floppy drive hardware included? I did read that thre older shipments of Stacker did not have them included. What about if I buy it from ->Click Here? It says Mfg Part #: STC-T01. Does that mean its an older shipment? The good thing about getting it from there is that I can actually go to the store and check it out. But, I would like to know if there was a way to tell on the packaging (manufacturing date, batch no., etc) to see I am getting the latest package. And also regarding the Mfg Part #, how about this --->Click Here? From NewEgg... They say Model #: STC-T01-UW, not STC-T01-UW1 like bigbadbns says. Again, basically, I do not want to rush into a purchase only to find out I got the older package. Thanks!