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  1. ...c'mon, bigs; leavin' me in suspense is KILLING ME!!!...any word WHEN???...
  2. you in the USA ???? i think im going to put mine on ebay. or just change that extremely bring blue led..... ...Canada, Nova Scotia to be exact...let me know ...don't tease, bigs; I NEEDS THEM!!
  3. ...anything yet???...just got my HAF delivered yesterday and I'm jonesing for the other two red led fans...;p
  4. ...I was just curious as to if CoolerMaster would ever retail the 230mm LED fans for use in the HAF 932 & Cosmos...with the HAF's release, I'd be willing to bet that the 230mm Red LED fan would be a big seller
  5. ...why wouldn't Coolermaster make all 3 230mm fans red LED ones??...that would make her look sharper...otherwise, lovin' this chassis; she'll be mine soon enuff ;P
  6. ...I luv my black Stacker 830...with the right accents (led fans, cathodes, uv accessories, etc.), it looks absolutely amazing...too much black is never enough, I say...
  7. ...just an update on my search for the 830 fan brackets: ...after a few emails and a phone call from Ashley (sp?) in Cooler Master customer support in California, I have the two 830 fan brackets ordered, so I just want to post it here that Ashley (sp?) deserves a big raise for helping me out soo much and anyone that says Cooler Master customer support is lacking is dead wrong...Vive la Cooler Master!!...
  8. ...I have the black Stacker 830 (not the Evo) and although I luv her to death, scratches do show up pretty prominantly (lucky for me the only one she has on her now is facing my wall, so it's not an issue)...even if it was in a more noticeable spot, however, I don't think I'd trade her for a silver one; she's just too damn sexy to part with, blemishes and all...
  9. ...I'm sorry; as soon as I saw this, I stopped reading... ...lemme guess, FATAL1TY II...
  10. ...anyone know where I could get two more of the 120mm fan dust filters that come with the Stacker 830??...
  11. ...yea, I have a couple of small scratches on the hinge side of the door (luckily it faces the wall, so no biggie)...they do show up alot worse than if I went with the silver, but it's worth it for the black 830...
  12. ...I need opinions as to the best possible layout of the 4 120mm fans I plan on adding to the side panel of my incoming Black Stacker 830 (should arrive early next week)...I already plan on two 120mm intake fans from the two 4-in-3 modules it's going to have (I ordered an extra) and two 120mm fans as exhaust (back and top) on the side panel, should I have the two on the right side as intake and the two on the left as exhaust???...all four intake/exhaust???...two on the left exhaust and none on the right (or maybe the crossflow)???...any opinions would be greatly appreciated...