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  1. Well I found out from another forum and found that its not possible to overclock this board, and have just had that confirmed with a MSI clocking tool, which is'nt supported by my motherboard My specs are as follows P4 2.66ghz Northwood 20x133mhz MSI MS-6579 Mobo 2x512mb PC2700 with pny heatsinks Intel 845e Chipset SB Audigy 1x 80g hard drive & 1x 40 gig hard drive 3x 80mm cooling fans Aquagate water cooler Jeantech 450w PSU I have done numerous searches regarding overclocking this mobo, and theres nothing, the bios is very basic in its layout and offers no overclocking features (serves me right for buying an advent ). I am looking at a new mobo and i think i have found the 1 , a Gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra, which has the features I want. I have also been looking @ the ocforums, and seen 1 other person with a pf 2.66g nw has managed 4.46ghz, with temps 48c idle and 60c loaded, and he's gone further with water cooling, which makes me think how far can i stretch my processor . I dont think there is any point looking to see if its possible to oc my current mobo
  2. I have a MS-6579 mobo and was wondering if its possible to overclock??, I have searched other forums and I cant find any thing that helps . Cheers Paul
  3. I mailed ron (got mail addy from other temp thread) and tech support, in the meantime I disconected the shutdown switch and lcd from the main cooler unit, checked the temps in bios and found the cpu temp 2b 16c . Now how do i overclock the cpu if it wont allow me to do it in bios, and what can i overclock it too?
  4. well i upgraded my psu to a 450w, switched it on and i was still getting false temp readings , took it all apart again, refitted the sensor, now I'm getting zero readings and py comp automatically shuts down Is my sensor screwed already, if so how do i get hold of another one. Also please bear i mind I live in London, UK.
  5. Well i have looked @ my bios and theres nothing there about fan speeds, nor can i overclock my cpu , the cpu line is greyed out. Weird, but if i have a few applications running or have a game like joint ops or doom 3 running, my system wont shut down, its only if i leave it at idle for 10 mins, will it shut down , dam annoying really, was browsing these forums when the phone rang, answered it, came back to my pc 5 mins lata, and found it switched off . Tbh I must check the temp sensor, the temp in bios is saying 45c @ idle and the temp on the aquagate is jumping from 3c-5c idle and 18c-23c under load. My system dos'nt feel hot at all, quite the opposite, all i can feel is cool air flowing through the vents, aswell as the cpu cooler, thats not hot at all
  6. grrrr problems are neverending , right here are my system specs! P4 2.66ghz socket 478 Microstar 6579 Motherboard GeForce FX5600 256mb gfx card 2x 512mb ddr PC2700 with copper pny heatsinks 1x 80 gig hard drive 1x 40 gig hard drive Soundblaster Audigy Soundcard Aquagate Cooler 3x 100mm case fans 300w PSU ....and a damn 45mm cpu fan i want to get rid off Now when i boot up temps are around 8-10c but after about 30-40 secs temps drop to 0 and the cooler starts bleeping. Every thing was fine untill i reinstalled the 2 80mm fans @ the back of the case, but i dont want to get rid of them as i obviously want the pc to run as cool as possible.
  7. Right, I have managed to fix that water problem, not enough water , got just under 100ml left . Now I have 1 more problem, the old cpu fan, if I disconnect it from the motherboard i get an error saying cpu or fan failure on boot up, then when i reconnect the cpu fan everything is ok, but I want to get rid of the fan as its too noisy
  8. the alert temp is set @ 30 12c above what its running @, though i will try adding more ater and see if that helps.
  9. Hi all, I'm kinda new to this overclocking stuff, and thought i would get the ball rolling buy purchasing the aquagate cooler, which i got today . I followed the instrctions to the letter when installing the thing, but everytime I switch my pc on the water cooler starts beeping and flashing @ me, and after 5 or so seconds it shuts down completely, so I rebooted and disconnected the shutdown wire from my mobo, still beeping away and flashing . On closer inspection of my display I can just make out the water warning is flashing, the sensor is ok btw reading 18.1c , I have used nearly a full bottle of that blue water and I have no air locks, any1 got any ideas??? Thanks in advance