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  1. bryant's just a pimp. that's all there is too it.
  2. yeah, he said the fan was tightened very well, and he could still hear it. thanks for your ideas guys!
  3. hey, my friend wanted me to ask this: Does anyone know a way to put a normal 80mm grill on that top fan hole without drilling holes into it? And what about actually mounting the fan with screws properly? The holder and grill make WAY too much noise and send vibrations all along the top of the panel and damn its annoying. Have to keep the fan at 1000rpm otherwise it starts making horrid noise. I hope someone reads this who also has a wavemaster.
  4. thats a first...never heard of a gaming pc in a cav-2. will the 300w psu be enough? we built a couple of HTPC running MCE2005 on the cav-2, and they look stunning.
  5. damn, you guys got a long ways to wait..that sucks...
  6. will have them but i dunno the pricing yet. sundial micro might get them, need to check on that.
  7. tell circotech you really want to buy from them i'll tell them they should take some more
  8. looks good, now you just need to play games in the dark a lot
  9. good man make sure you tell your friends
  10. keep ordering from circotech!! they will be getting theirs shortly! wait, cirotech? or circotech? buy from circotech
  11. hmm, never heard of that before... probably not possible to get pics, is it? have you tried to wipe it off with anything?
  12. it won't be available for a week or two though, i think. i think it looks pretty nice. i think cd4/5 look a little better than 6. but 5 and 6 should perform way better.
  13. i thought hdd's were supposed to withstand like 1g or something like that...
  14. thats a pretty cool mod dude. i love the name of your site, omgwtflol....lmao...