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  1. Sure they have..... ... /index.htm Go to cooling and scroll all the way down. That's just what they demo'd at the trade show. I'm talking about what is actually on the product page: ... _class=414 That GPU block does look really nice though. But I find it a bit concerning that CM doesn't make any specific statement that the blocks are intended for or compatible for use with the Aquagate. It says for your DIY system, not for the Aquagate. I'm still looking for more info on how the Aquagate actually performs with these additional waterblocks in the system. I guess at this point I will have to disassemble the pump this weekend and see if I can find any model numbers or the name of the manufacturer so I can find out the flow and head rating.
  2. Given those requirements, and my exp. so far with the Aquagate and what I know now, you are better off building your own system from individual components. The Aquagate is not going to do what you want to do. The Aquagate has a small radiator, small tubing, low power pump etc., and coolermaster won't provide any information on the components like pump specs etc. I didn't realize how inexpensive individual water cooling components were until after I bought the Aquagate. That said, it is a pretty nice package if you are looking for an integrated unit with the display etc. But you are not going to get the kind of performance you are looking for from an Aquagate out of the box.
  3. Check the Product page for liquid cooling, they have released the new CPU block and hard drive water blocks, but no GPU block.
  4. Has anyone disassembled their Aquagate to determine the supplier or model number of the pump inside? I'm thinking it might be better to replace the pump with another more powerful one.
  5. Sorry for the double entendre, and humorous though it may be I really am interested simply in the perf. numbers on the Aquagate pump. I am planning to upgrade my tubing to 1/2" and implement VGA + NB cooling in addition to the CPU water block. I would also note that there may be a market, albeit smaller, for CoolerMaster to offer an "advanced" kit or upgrade package. I know CM will be and actually is now offering some new waterblocks for the Aquagate, but my understanding is these are designed for the 3/8" OD tube size (which I believe is really only 1/4" ID). The Aquagate actually performs really well on my OC'd A64 3000+, much better than I expected, but it is my 6800 ultra that I am concerned about and want to maximize cooling on at this point. I am new to waterclocking and I am not necessarily sold that the Aquagate with stock tubing and pump will handle the additional waterblocks in an overclocking environment. The 175gph figure seems comparable to a number of the pumps one might buy when making a DIY kit, so I'm also not necessarily sold that the Aquate will NOT handle the additional load either. I'm just looking for more data so I can make an informed decision.
  6. I was told on another forum that the Aquagate pump puts out around 175gph but that how much head it gives is a better guage of its capabilities. Does anyone know the head from the Aquagate pump?
  7. I'd like to put some waterblocks on my vga card and mobo chipset. I'm new to watercooling, and I want to know if this will overload the aquagate? I was also thinking about adding an additional 120mm radiator to the system in series. I've read some folks express concern about the power of the water pump, but I have my aquagate mounted internally. The distance from the aquagate to the cpu is less than a foot. Assuming the additional stuff uses another 2-3 feet of tubing, I'm not sure I understand why the pump would not be able to keep up, because the distance would be about the same as if I had mounted the aquagate externally.
  8. imoz

    Aquagate problem

    I just installed mine the other day and it did the same thing. I filled it with more coolant and it hummed along nicely. I have about 150ml of fluid left.
  9. Well I opened it up and.... it was my own stupidity I didn't realize the cap could screw in further. It appears it was leaking because I didn't have it screwed down all the way. So for anyone who searches on a similar problem, the cap on my unit screws down until it is slightly sunk in the case. This is a great product!
  10. I just bought an Aquagate and a CM Stacker case yesterday. I was impressed with the quality of the packaging etc. However, I noticed that if I tilt the unit more than 20 degrees in any direction, it leaks out the bottom. Is it supposed to do this? I set it perfectly level outside my case and ran it overnight without incident, but I'm a bit concerned that maybe something inside is not sealed? I'd like to find out before I mount it in the drive bay above my hard drives