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  1. No the Abit won't unlock it, it, like what was said, will add more options for overclocking.. and on air, I won't expect anything great, you are about at your limit on i think... I think it might be possible to do the to unlock the 3200 depending on which you have.. check here: http://www.viperlair.com/articles/archi ... ckxp.shtml
  2. You're not going to get anymore out it than that unles you use some super cooling and really up the volts and FSB.. I have the XP3200, and it is sitting in it's box.... Not a great overclocker if it's locked... You have it you are kind of stuck with it now.. but the 3200 mobile would have been the way to go, or even the 2600 mobile I have the 2600-m and a 2400-m, and that 3200, I traded my regular 2600 for the 2400-m Of course though I have my Athlon X2, which I am very happy with.. Good luck with it, the only possible advice would be to get a different Mobo.. the Abit NF7s rev2 is the best Oc board for the XP platform you can get...
  3. Yes it's taken the longest.. and there really isn't a lot of lights, the mirror on the bottom makes it brighter, and the UV reactive cables brighten the case up as well.. THere is 3 straight UC ccfl's, 1 round 80mm UV ccfl in drive bay, the smal UV LED at top of case.. there are two leds in the psu fan and 1 inside the psu itself, the fan controller is a Vantec with built-in leds, and the two that I put in front for power and hdd... I removed all the leds that were in all the fans, and the PSU fan actually had 4 leds in it, but I took two of them out... The white inside chassis and mobo tray is actually coated with a new reflective clearcoat from Rust-oleum and then with regular clear coat.... as for too busy, well that is in the eye of the beholder, I didn't make it to please everyone else, I made it for me after all.....
  4. there is about 50 new pics on site, yes they are bigger
  5. OCTOBER 8th Done OK.. been a while for updates, it's been about 7 months for this project... WOW... time flys... OK, these are the finished bay covers... Only 1 will actually be working, as I am only putting 1 drive in the system, you can see I decided to do something a little different with them, I added a bit of texturing with dremel before painting.. Primer,paint,clear etc.. Here is the opposite side window, which would be the left side, I wanted some sort of etching on it, but I didn't want anything that would obscure the view of the computer inside, so I did a little custom work, I think it came out very good. Here is the PSU, it is a 500Watt Xblade Psu, it had a clear plexi window in the side with the Xblade logo on it, I decided to replace it with mirror plexi and etch the back side so light shows through, I carried the window etch to the PSU as well. I choose the Xblade PSU becuase it is not that bad quality and it has UV reactive colorful wiring, I also removed two of the LEDS from the fan, the green and red ones which left two blue leds, you will see in the finished pictures it works well with the rest of the lighting Next up is wiring and lighting, I sleeved the front panel wires with UV reactive yellow sleeving and routed them so they would come out in the middle of the four fans in the front, I also sleeved the audio and USB cables the same way. There is a total of 4 UV ccfl in there and 1 mini laser UV led. Here is a pic of 2 of the UV ccfls's on the bottom of case, the mirrored bottom helps reflect more light... Can you find the switch? It is the little red square, it controls 2 of the ccfls Here is the UV LED light onthe top of case, and more "hidden" wiring.... Some of you may have wondered what exactly what the theme was here, well it was ME, things I like, things I enjoy...... AND NOW...(Drumroll Please) May I present Dragonsteel..... AND now, let's turn the lights out and turn the system on........Look at the prettty lights... Well that's that...... it was fun, and lots of tedious work...... This is just a small portion of the pictures, there are about 50 more on my site and they are bigger!!!! http://www.dragonsteelmods.com
  6. Well if you recall I asked people about Weldbond a short while ago.. Here is the Reason behind it: Here is a Great product that more people need to know about, Weldbond, follow the link to read an interview with the President of the company and a feature article of the comapny and its other great products! http://www.thinkcomputers.org/beta/home ... cles&id=16
  7. dracos

    PC Speed Test

    Brains don't have much to do with it anymore... You can pay someone to build you a top of the line system now, quite a few companies have cropped up that will build your system for you, and a custom case to go with it.. just give them your money!
  8. dracos

    PC Speed Test

    What's the point really?? Bragging rights? Only people with connections in the industry or LOTS of cash have THE BEST systems out there.. I don't think it is a fair comparison really... how can you compare computers from different income levels? You really can't.. the guy with the most money will always win..
  9. NOPE... Not JBWeld... totally different product... not Epoxy either
  10. Hey guys.. I am doing a bit of research for an article.. Have you ever heard of Weldbond? Have you used Weldbond in modding? and How.. Thanks..
  11. To address Equinox's comments, that was with Hardware based benchmarks............ not Software, ran various benchmarks and all came to about the same conclusion..... To address Palm521's comments, I doubt my Cpu will get bottlenecked, running Athlon X2..... Running Windows Xp64, with AMD X2 drivers, which I have noticed actually evenly distributes load between both cores when under load/idle, so to bottleneck the X2 it would have to max both cores, which took me running 2 instances of prime and 2 instances of superPi and running all my background apps and surfing the internet, then did I notice a major slowdown, I doubt ANY game will tax the cpu that much to bottleneck it... and a side note, it is not a matter of heat either, originally my GTX ran about 85c on load, until I took apart, cleaned it up and used AS Ceramique, lowered my overall temps a good 5-10 degrees, also installed a Antec VCOOL which in turn lowered temps another 5-10 degrees, temps depended on how hot or cool it was here... But after that, when I did the OC, my temps were back to the 84-85c on load, so they were essentially back to 'normal' for this card, default core slowdown is 115C, so I am nowhere near that... I thought of throwing a water block on it, but figured why because my temps are fine......
  12. I got 520/1356 on Air.... And I only gained about 3 1/2 FPS... So if I did the Volt mod and got 600/1450 I would gain what? 4 1/2 Fps maybe 5 fps?? I don't see the point of it, and I don't see it being worth it.....
  13. Click the "WWW" icon at bottom of my post... and Yeah.. you missed it, and Don't worry, you are not the first to miss it!!
  14. It's been a while for an update, I have been extremely busy with life/work and new baby... But here we go.. First I needed to make my wires a bit neater and make them more easy to control, so I spliced the front 4 together into one connection ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- And did the same for the back two exhaust fans. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I drilled holes for ventilation in the front bezel, but they looked pretty bad just as plain holes so I got some heavy metal mesh and painted it the anodized blue (loos black now) and bent,cut formed them around the bezel, and attached with Weldbond ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Next I got the holes cut for the Power and Reset buttons, also got the leds installed, also got holes cut and usb/audio installed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next I had to make the cover plates for the buttons and ports, made them out of blue plexi, cut and shaped and bent to the curve of the surfe, attached with Weldbond glue.. Also got the buttons installed and clear plastic button cover over the leds.. .jpg' alt='default_icon_cool.gif' alt='8)'>.jpg'> Now, orignally I was going to make the drive covers blue plexi, but I came across these cool drive bay covers, so i decided to paint and use these instead.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Now I need to make the front piece of the bezel, I have 1/4 inch thick red plexi for that ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Here are the progressive shots, using dremel,drill/hole saw and torch to clean it up, the final shot is semi installed.. going to do some etching on that as well.. I can't get the damn code to work to link to big pics.. it doesn't like spaces in pic names.. and I 'm not going to rename all of them.. if you would care to see the big pics, you can visit my site, it is under Project Dragonsteel Page 2 That's it for now.. more later this week..
  15. What is this craze with BFG anyway?? They seem to be a decent company, but it seems that EVERYONE is swinging from their d*ck lately........ Xfx is a division if Pine, who has been around for quite awhile now, in fact I have 2 other card Gf4mx/440se and the gf5200fx , none have failed me yet..... I stick with what I know that works.. As for the BFG, with a lower clock speed, smoking the Xfx, I doubt it.... it's just not possible..... I think someone needs to do some more research....