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  1. I have a question: Are there any bay reservoir that have a fill port that line up with the fill port on top of this case? I've been looking all day for one but I can't find one (you would think CM has an official reservoir to fit with this case). If that doesn't work, what's the best way to mod a fill tube that goes from the fill port at the top of the case to an in bay reservoir that does not cause leaks and can still use the case's fill port cap. Thanks for any info!!!
  2. I actually just recieved my crossflow yesterday. Agreed, construction could have been better. The screw hole by the motor is useless (I currently only have 2 screws in!). The noise isn't actually a very big issue depending on what you are doing. My box is primarily for gaming so most of the time I have a headset on. Also I have noticed that adding a window will dampen the sound by quite a bit, as opposed to the 80mm fan panel. ( has black stacker windows!!!) I will probably, in the future, try to rig up a nice filter for it. I am uncertain on how much more dust it will allow in. (only had it for 2 days) I recommend it. It is not loud at all to me. I only even begin to notice it on the high setting. *note this is while I am NOT gaming! lol* So go ahead and splurge. You will like it. especially if you are overclocking!
  3. No it doesn't! The tooling is already there! where do you think the silver ones came from? All it would take on your end is to paint the side window a different color!!! How does this requre you people to reinvent the wheel? I have an engineering background and it would take a week at the latest for a backburner project like this to be up and running. I'm calling shenanigans on CM!
  4. Well it screwed up my little drawing but you get the idea. It is a rectangle.
  5. NO. This board is NOT standard. It is a dell proprietary form factor. thus will NOT fit in a standard atx case. It is not just the screw placement that is different but the whole geometry of the board. It looks more like this: _______________ | | | | | | | | [] | [] <-IO panel | [] | | | | | | | | | | | | | |_______________| It is a non-standard board and will need a super big case (like stacker) and you will have to hack up the insides to get it to fit properly and will have to cut the IO panel up too. It's not worth it dude. Run open air on a sheet of lexan, build a custom case, or ditch the board. ...or sell it to a dummy...
  6. OH YEAH!!! I think I know the exact board you are talking about! Did it come out of a presision? Is the IO panel in the middle of the board? I've seen those @ work. If so good luck putting that in ANY case! You either need the dell case or mount that puppy on some lexan and run open air...
  7. Sorry if I misled anyone. I'm merely interpereting things the way I am reading it. It has been almost a year and still no window... Most people (including myslef) are probably correct in assuming they are NOT going to ever produce them. I am, however, still curious about this stacker version thing...
  8. What mobo are you using specificaly? p.s. Tyan S2462 fits perfectly and that is a BEEFY board buddy.
  9. There is another thread on this forum talking about the black stacker windows. Basicly there's a 99% chance there will not be one made by CM...ever. Looking back now I wish I had bought the silver stacker. The window and most other CM accessories go with it. The black stacker looks great, just no support. Also on that same thread there is a link to a web site where you can buy an extra side panel and make your own window mod.(so you aren't completely screwed if things go south) Or if you are experienced enough you can mod the one u have on now. As for how many different versions of the stacker there are I have no idea but am also curious.
  10. LAME! Who wants to cut into their $200 case to do something that the manufacturer should have done FOR us? I bought a black stacker a couple of months ago hoping there would be a window by the time I finished building it... Well I guess I'll just have to do it myself. I'm tired of waiting. But if you are too chicked to cut into it, try a white LED case fan for the side vent! It kinda breaks the norm and actually looks pretty sweet! I found this out when stupid microcenter mis-labeled a UV case fan that I bought and decided to just go with it. If you don't have a fan here already I suggest you get one. Lowered my case temp by 2*C! (running dual MP's so heat is critical)