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  1. Having a day off I've removed screws holding hdds cages and removed blank ones also worked with some bitumen mat with some good effect. So for now I'm left with one major problem: top tray. I don't have any idea what to do with it. Temporary I took it off and vibrations went down to reasonable level. I've tried to put a couple of things below it but bitumen mat was too thick and soft things like cloth, paper or other similar stuff didn't have any effect. So one more question then: how to mount top tray to stop it from vibrating?
  2. Thank You for Your answer. If left with no other option I'll probably try to solve vibration problem with something like that btw. I wonder if warranty covers such situation
  3. Yes of course, after turning off fans and vga cooling I've dismounted them separately to check if it isn't a single drive fault but unfortunately after dismounting I've heard only a little bit of sound from fans and that's all. No vibrations and other humming noises. So I even borrowed two Seagate hdds from a friend and checked if maybe WD hdds are the problem but once again the case (mostly side panels and tray on top ) was vibrating. If I put something heavier like 100 dvd cake on top tray the vibrating noise starts to be a bit quieter, but that's no solution .
  4. As I see from cosmos topic I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. On a quest to get rid of those weird sounds I've changed all fans to noiseblocker blacksilent pro pl1 then turn them all off to check if the problem are graphic cards fans but vga cooling was silent. After that I turned off vga coolers and checked hard drives and found out that the main problem is case vibration coming from hard drives, especially side panels and tray on top seem to act like a resonating board. I have 4 WD AAKS hard drives installed in this configuration ( x represents a drive and | is blank ) x | x x | x So I'd like to know how those of You who have the same problem are fighting with it? Maybe Cooler Master has solution for that problem?