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  1. thanks guys, I had already gone ahead and resigned myself to drilling holes...did you drill holes into the CASE, Sub-Zero, or into the optical drive itself (so you could the screw it in using one the existing stacker holes?? And, yes, I'm quite familiar with the Obsidian Spire
  2. since the rails dont let it go back very far, what is the preferred way?
  3. bought it in July, just now getting around to configuring it though. This thread gives the distinct impression that people like me can get one though
  4. I need a 3.5 in rack thing for my stacker so the floppy can be mounted without using up the space in my 4in3 module, but am not having much luck with customer support and was wondering if anyone else has managed to rig something to fit this space and still use the supplied 3.5in drive cover?
  5. are you guys actually recieving these from CoolerMaster? I got no response to my email and just sent another, fully expecting to hear nothing again. Is this supposed to be purchased or supplied by request? Did you have to call in to get one?