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    Stacker 830

    How tall is it? The CeBIT new products page listed the 830 at 3mm shorter than the Stacker 1 - I take it that was a typo?
  2. milo

    Stacker 830

    Not unless you need to hear yourself think. Zippy and PC P&C make great supplies for the server room; they've yet to make something in that range that would go into my office. Might also point out that these supplies typically run $400-$500, while 450W CM RS-450s are available for well under $100 each.
  3. milo

    Stacker 830

    Stuff I like: That side fan panel is terrific. Much better than the infuriating unusable 300mm hole in the side of the T01. 120mm blowhole is a good improvement over the original. Flippable mobo tray was a great idea and appears to be improved. Does it still support upside-down ATX the way the first Stacker almost did? Stuff I'm not sure about: Does anyone have a shot of the rear of the case? I'd like to see what replaced the 2nd PSU. The radiator mount is interesting, but a fan/shroud/rad stack is going to be up to 6" deep - you'll have trouble clearing the CPU blocks or the PCI cards unless that case is a lot wider than I think it is. Better to put two 120mm fan mounts next to each other on the rear. Can't quite tell from the pictures - is there a way to mount 120mm fans up front without using the 3-in-1 caddies? Changes I'd make: One more vote for black. Brushed silver is too hard to match drive bays to. Yes, I know there's a door, but the door will be open any time I'm using the unmatched drives. The trapezoidal side vents make me think of a minivan, for some reason. I don't think they'll look good against the square fan array behind them. Gimme back my 2nd PSU bay! The Stacker was just ahead of its time a little; there'll be much more need for this in the next generation of processors and graphics cards. I think someone mentioned the 830 had a replaceable door. Is there a variant along the lines of the new Praetorian 730? Something that could baffle noise without obstructing airflow would be great. Best would be a half-door - leave two bays exposed with the door closed, so that we can block out the HD noise while not having to worry about DVD auto-ejects. One way-out there idea: ability to link cases side-to-side. That'd solve the dual-PSU problem, give the watercooling guys a place to put the car radiator, double the number of bays available, and give the name Stacker a new meaning. Might be better applied to a Centurion-size case, if it could be stretched like the Lian-Li PC-V1200 to take an EATX mobo. Particularly scary is what one could do if this could be made sideways rack-mountable like the Supermicro or Chenbro convertibles - server lego!
  4. I'm trying to design a quiet S2895-based box for later this year. Dual Opteron, dual GPU. Added up the amps, and it'll pass 600W under expected load... can't find a quiet EPS12 supply larger than the Antec 550 (which isn't exactly silent), so it'll probably come down to two smaller Seasonic S12s. Take a look at this if you think there's a lack of dual-PSU systems. That issue alone's probably forcing me to turn away from that nifty 830 toward the original Stacker or a server cube.