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  1. Well both the stock pcp&c 1KW and a redundant power supply are way too loud for me anyways, so they are not a consideration without modification. With the space constraint of the stacker power supply bay I am not going to bother, maybe for my other case. The power supply bay in the stacker 830 has exactly 7" until you hit the top 120mm fan mount without modification. This Enermax Galaxy power supply might be an option for quieter operation but it looks longer than 7" but we will have to see: [Mod Edit]Linking to competitor products is strictly prohibited. Discussion of competitor products is limited only to essential discussion (in this case being its compatability with the Stacker 830). Thank you
  2. You guys against high quality power supplies got it all wrong, it's not about the watts or how high they fudge the watts rating. It's about the amps on the rails especially the 12v rail and line regulation and efficency. That is why you get a high quality power supply. Also because it is a pain to upgrade my power supply in my particualr setup I only want to do it once in a long time.
  3. Has anyone come up with a nice looking mod to fit this power supply in the case by removing the metal tabs for the 120mm fan mount on top yet still have the 120mm fan mounted there?
  4. I need another one for the water pump controller.
  5. Is there anyway/anywhere to get more of these?
  6. Yes I had the same kind of problem so that the cards wouldn't seat deep enough evenly in the slots to get power from the board to post.
  7. So there is absolutely no way CM is making a black one for sure, 100% they will never ever make one?
  8. The mesh goes through the aluminum in small holes and is bent around it to hold it in place, all you have to do is bend the clips straight and the mesh panel comes off. Also the power supply compartment is exactly 7 inches deep then there is two aluminum prongs on one side of the top 120mm fan mount bracket. Now these can be easily bent or removed if you have a long power supply but then you would lose the 120mm fan bracket and would have to secure the fan another way. If you removed the top 120mm bracket or bent it upwards then you could fit any length power supply.
  9. It doesn't come with a window, or sleeving, I made the window and took out the mesh. The tray is easily swapable from atx to btx. Also it appears that the case side panels are mirrored top and bottom so you should be able to switch those but it would make the cmstacker sign upside down so you would have to switch that. I didn't say I didn't like the tj07, I just meant I prefer the stacker 830 quite a bit. if the stacker 830 didn't exist I would probably get a tj07.
  10. After a long wait I finally got my stacker 830. This case is the highest quality case I have ever seen, I am very happy with it and it will work perfect for my system. I have used a silverstone tj07 also and it is nice but not near the quality of the stacker 830.
  11. I am not concerned about the price or quality contol of the case if it has rough edges or needs modding to fix something, all I care about is the release date. However I know I am alone in those opinions.
  12. This is the first pre order I have found: ... 61271.html
  13. Is the release still on for Dec 6th? And Dec. 6th will it be at newegg already actually available? Or your saying the week of Dec 6th it will be shipping? All my hardware I need will be released by Nov 14th, waiting on this case to be released still.
  14. Does this mean it is being released Oct 22nd?