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  1. Yeah. You're right about the Seagate cheetah's, but the reason I had to go with the on-board SATA is cuz I don't have slots available for a SCSI adapter. So, the Raptors will have to do. Oh, well. I guess I just have to settle for Windoze loading in 10.5 seconds after POST, instead of 9.5. As you can see, the case is pretty full....
  2. I've read several reviews where they tested FluidXP on computer components and they continued to work. However, one review poured the fluid into a power supply. It tripped the breaker, but when reset, the PS still worked. Then, they poured the whole bottle into the supply and it finally smoked the 110 stepdown transformer. On the other components they poured it on, they continued to work ok. Yes, they were powered up for the test. The cheapest I've seen is $34.00 a quart.
  3. I'll run the Prime 95, as you suggest. I've got a couple other benchmarks and burn-in tests to run, as well. True, more than 40 fps isn't really detectable by the human eye, but the latest games have a lot to render, and will often drop frame rates way down. With high fps on benchmark tests (avg 42 on the first test in 3DMark2005), I'm assured that the lowest fps will be above the detectable range. merovingian, I'm interested in what your take is on the Raptor drives. 10,000 rpm SATA drives seem to be high performance units (SCSI aside). I'm always open to opions. Thanx.
  4. So far, it's stable. Tested with 3DMark2005 build 1.20 (9555 marks) and with DOOM 3 (with video settings set to the highest possible, in spite of the warning it gave me). Total hours of testing is about 7. I've been playing around with oc settings, and can't seem to improve on this much, but a solid 2.9 is still ok. I know have never been smoother and never looked better.
  5. The top thing is the extra panel provided with the Aquagate LC system. I mounted the main unit inside the case, at the bottom. The display can be removed from the unit and set into this panel for mounting in a 5 1/4" bay. I put it in the top bay, and moved the panel that comes with the CM Stacker to the bottom bay.
  6. lol. A phase change setup? Wow. And I had to settle for the divariable veebleflitzer with the wavaloop setup. I'm new to oc'ing, but i have gotten it up to 2.912, so far. It's been an interesting (and sometimes heartstopping) experience. The A8N manual states that the system will recover from oc'ing lockups and such, and it has on a few occasions...except one...then, I had to clear CMOS. Here's a couple pics... The blue towers aren't connected yet. I'm looking for some special fittings for the back panel. I should have them by the time I'm ready to tackle oc'ing the GPU's... My case will be visible from all angles, so I thought I'd dress up the back with black paint and gold (brass) screws and fan guards...
  7. The quick disconnect, non-leaking tube connectors on the back of the Aquagate are a great idea. I have an application where I could use some of these, but have no idea of where I can buy them separately. I'd like to know who the Mfg is and perhaps a distributor or dealer who I can contact. Thanx in advance for any help.
  8. Yes. Adapters are available from Brand K. I can't name the company, since it's a CM competitor, but you can find them.