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  1. Where are you ordering the right side panel from? Well, I may have misspoke, but I thought I could order a "replacement" right-side panel from Cooler Master. Is that not possible? I guess I should have mentioned this in my initial post, but the reason I wanted a solid panel for both sides is because of dampening material. It seem kind of useless to apply the material with a big hole on the panel. I realize that the right-side panel is not completely solid either, but it's not as bad as the left-side.
  2. Cool. Thanks for checking that out for me. That's what I wanted to know. Now I can order an extra right-side panel for the left-side.
  3. I searched for this and couldn't locate a topic. I am trying to build a quiet system and I would like to have a solid side panel on the left side of the Stacker. Currently, the only options I see there are the perforated and window panels. If there isn't an "official" option for this? Will the right-side panel fit the left-side? Can it flip over? It looks like the screws line up correctly. Thanks.