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  1. Those cards do not support WC at the moment.
  2. Buy a couple of red CM led fans to match and you could mod that fan controller and make it look red/pink too, haha.
  3. I might do the same, my 6600gt tems are fine but i could use some more airflow. Any advice? i want to put a 120mm 152cfm fan on the window to make my vcard ruun cooler, ty.
  4. works fine for me.
  5. Make sure the bottom part of the side panel fits.
  6. Care to post? im thinking of modding mine. Some ideas would help.
  7. I'm using the CM 350W that came with my case, so far i have my AG2, my DVD burner and 2 HD (sata and IDE). But im in need of more molex conectors, should i buy a Y conecter so i can put my DVDR and my CDRW? will the psu handle it? or should i wait until i buy the RS450w.
  8. It comes with 2 native sata conectors.
  9. SSNocc

    Casefan SUF-S82-EB

    Get one of those led fans (120mm if you can) they're silent, give decent air and are VERY brilliant.
  10. haha thats the way to di it, btw where's your 3.25 psu panel? where are you going to put it? i was thinking to mount it somehow on the side window panel? haha
  11. you need to remove the 3rd and 4th 5.25 baygrills, because like you said only 2 holes line up so i used those and mounted the fan on the 5th 5.25 fan grill, you dont need the other 2 for the top holes, i could post some pics but i dont feel like dismounting everything. Just play around and im sure you'd make them fit.
  12. They do, i took off my 3rd optical drive and put the stock 12cm fan in there. The holes do match but you got to be a bit careful. I'd suggest to get a high performance 8mm fan instead of the 12cm cus its too big and you use 3 bays.
  13. Im using the stock CM 350w psu and both the 80mm and 120mm are conected to the fan only conector.
  14. Im going to plug it to the fan only connector in the PSU, and we will see. Thanks. And this 12mm cm led fan is brand new, i dont know why would it be wrong, So far im running 1-2C° less hot.. but dont want to get my hopes up, lol.
  15. I have an intel perl and everything is running fine, temps are fine, i was just wondering cus 660 seems a bit slow but then again im NOT doing gaming or heavy pc work. Would it be better to keep the fan plugged to the mobo or to the psu/fan only conector?
  16. Got a question for you C5 users, i replaced the 12mm fan with a CM 12mm with blue led and i decided to plug it to my motherboard. Well, i ran to see the RPM of the fan and its showing 660rpm with Motherboard Monitor 5, same with everest. Is this okay for this fan? or should it be running faster, thanks in advance.
  17. I just got this beauty, and i'm about to put all my components inside. I've got a couple questions... If i wanted the case fans to be monitored where should i plug them? psu or motherboard? I got a free coolermaster 12mm fan TLF-S12 with neon lights, and im wondering if the case supports a 3rd one? and if it doesnt, where could i put it (without having to modify the case itself) thanks in advance.
  18. Thank you miyagi, sorry but its a pain that this "computer store" doesnt put a complete description of the case. Problem solved.
  19. Thank you Miyagi, im gona bother you with one more question. I can get this: CENTURION 5 CAC-T05-WWA right now, it comes with side panel window, what about the fans? Like you said, C5 has better cooling and if this case has both the 8 and 12 fans, im ordering it right now!
  20. anyone? i really want to order tonight thanks in advance.
  21. CAVALIER 1 CAV-T01-WKA and CAVALIER 1 CAV-T01-WWA correct me if i am wrong, the difference between these 2 is that the first one has 2 fans and the second one only has 1. CENTURION 5 CAC-T05-WBA and CENTURION 5 CAC-T05-WWA the first one has 2 fans (also a bit more expensive) and the second one has no fans at all. both come with window panel. Well, i can get either of these ones, and they are all around the same price, im not sure about the difference between each other, thats why im asking. One more question, is there any major difference between the cavalier and centurion? besides the look? if so, i'll just pick the one that i like the most. Thanks in advance!