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  1. I've bought two Stackers from in Canada and both have none of the dents or threading problems, I guess it takes so long for us to get stuff up here that we don't get the early revisions. Although neither came with the brackets for mounting the floppy drives (Bryant was quick to resolve that btw) but otherwise they are flawless.
  2. Yup I'm also in Vancouver I ordered on the 1st of September with standard shipping
  3. Just a heads up to all you Canuck's out there, I have 2 4in3 modules on backorder from so they are now availible in Canada for $28.50 Cdn.
  4. Bryant thank you also for sending out the brackets I thought the customs people took it away but their here safely.
  5. Modular Cables Floppy only Cable Dual 12V Rails, not sure if the existing unit is BTX Compliant. Adjustable 12/5/3.3 V Rails Fully sleeved cables. at least 8 4pin molexes
  6. I recently purchased a stacker for myself and was able to convince the office to get one for the new file server. However I've run into a problem trying to find the 4-3 modules. If anyone knows of a Canadian retailer who has this item in stock that would be great. At the moment it doesn't make any sense to order the 4-3 units from the US as after customs/duties/taxes/shipping it would likely come out to half of what I paid for the case.
  7. I like the red but one of those shifting colour type paints would really look great.
  8. Just wondering whether or not there has been a release date for the "right" panel window for the CM-STacker case? Reason why I'm asking is because I've inverted the ATX panel so that the cpu sits on the bottom and am waiting for a window before I order my crossflow fan.
  9. Just got my silver Stacker a couple days ago, and am shocked to realize my local retailer has both Silver and Black stackers on hand. Black Silver Also according to the customers some have received blacks and some have silvers so there is some hope for all of you sitting on the fence. Just have to say that this is an amazing case.