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  1. thnx everyone for the help! bought a new cable just a few minutes ago. i hope to get it soon!
  2. WIN!!! thnx for the answer!!! so does this mean i can use these in the plugs for the pci express?? those are the only plugs that i have available. thnx for the help!!
  3. thnx for the help Mr. Miyagi! hmmmmm, so does this mean that i cant buy the modular sata power cables from cooler master? that was the option i was hoping to get. i think im gonna keep looking thnx again.
  4. hi, first off i want to say that i love cooler master products. i built my new pc with mostly CM components and wow! with that being said i do have one problem. it seems that i need a few more power connectors. i have a COOLER MASTER Silent Pro 700 which i love because it powers my pc. the only problem is that i just bought a bigger SSD but i cant install it due to the fact that i have ran out of sata power connectors. so my question is.... A) where can i get more sata power connectors for my modular power supply. can those new cables be pluged into the pci-e plugs (the grey plugs)? any and all help will be appreciated. thnx in advance. -oscar