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  1. the etching was done with frosted glass spray paint.
  2. nope, my beans is r.i.p... he was the dopest though. we're talking about a french bulldog next time but i'm not ready yet...
  3. very nice! i've been looking for ways to dampen the sound coming from my hard drives. thanks. good job on the translation freak!
  4. FOP

    Wanted: PSU

    yeap, pin removal tools are one of the best investments you can make.
  5. looks like you are making loads of progress! so dope... how loud is this thing going to wind up being? with tornados on the psu you're in for some big noise...
  6. FOP

    Wanted: PSU

    as long as you get a psu that has a sleeved atx cable then you'll be fine sleeving yourself. most reputable psu manufacturers are now sleeving at least the atx so look for one of those. it also seems like the ultra-x psus are coming down too, i've seen them lately for as little as $99. i don't know how great of a psu they are in terms of quality though... just remember, the psu is heart of your computer, don't skimp, don't be cheap, get something you know suits your needs and comes from a reputable manufacturer. my dream psu of the moment is High-Performance 510 ATX Deluxe from pc power & cooling... but it's a little too steep at $210 US... a bunch of us are in los angeles or the surrounding area that have experience with sleeving. give us a holla if you need help...
  7. Seeing the black Stacker's makes me appreciate my silver one even more... I don't know what it is. I originally wanted to trade my silver in for a black one, but now I wouldn't trade mine for any color.
  8. the new case came in... the pictures stink. sorry. i need to get out my tripod and lengthen the exposure to get some better images... but here's a taste... as it stands the green is showing more on the wall than in the box so i've got a couple of strategies... 1. add a more green lights. maybe a ring of leds under the jewel or a cold cathode... 2. frost/sandblast the x on the top cover and ditch the metal plate... hopefully the frosting will difuse the light along the x... i like the way the metal plate looks when the lights are on but it isn't so condusive to my new green light fetish...
  9. yeah, the thompson drives have an awful rep... maybe that's why they sell for $10-20 on ebay where the samsung drives sell for $75 and up... crazy.
  10. thanks miyagi. it's very tempting... maybe i can get a cheap thompson on ebay. do the mod on that to see what it looks like.
  11. about the only thing left is to get a replacement for the cover. then i may mod the drive to show the disc spinning... i just don't know if i want risk any harm to my samsung drive...