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  1. As the title says I will be working on CM Cosmos II case. So some stock photos of this beautiful giant Case: Cooler Master CM Cosmos II PSU : Cooler master SPH 1050W Fans: Cooler Master Xtra Flow AIO: Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU: i7 3820 MB: Asrock X79Xtreme 6/GB GPU: 3 x Sapphire Toxic 270x RAMM: Kingston Hyper X Beast 4x4gb SSD: Kingston Hyper X
  2. Hello :) This will be BMW M power themed build, inspiration is BMW as a brand itself and the quality that comes with it
  3. Few PSU brands are not voiding warranty if the cables are sleeved.. it would be nice to see CM does that too, that way modders would accept it more !
  4. Thank you,couldn't done it without beautiful Stacker case
  5. I am pleased to announce first Serbian mdpc http://www.million-dollar-pc.com/system ... tynine.htm
  6. Hhehe i agree it's better with the nice screws btw
  7. ` The front 2 ventilator holders are accessory for stacker that can be bought separately
  8. Thank you For me Stacker 83x series is one of the best CM cases ever It's design has many aspects involved.It has sporty,sexy,serious,mad and very elegant look Thank you CM for making it