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  1. Thanks for the reply, I was hoping on that. My CMS case is almost completely stock except for 2 of the fans & it's only 4 days old since I changed over to CMS... And I love it! All my bays across the front are full except for 4 of them & I stuffed them full of 3" foam & it did reduce a little noise. I replaced my front Intake & Top Blow hole with SilenX 14dBa fans which helped a lot. I have a OCZ 520W PowerStream with 2-80mm fans that help exhaust the air a little & it has a Panaflow 92mm on the CPU XP-90 HS, so it doesn't make a lot of noise to start with. It really runs cools good, with the fans & all I got in there... I knocked off 19c on my CPU load temp due to CMS case, XP-90 & the fans I used. My Idle temp is down 5c & case temp dropped 4c... Again I'm very pleased with it! I've been doing some more reading & I'm thinking about taking an extra 92mm fan & cutting out the center using it for a spacer, getting a 92mm to 120mm adapter & then placing a quieter 120mm on the XP-90 HS that is 30dBa or less. That should help even more! You know how it goes, if I can get it even a little more quieter & cooler, I'm all for it! Looks like I'll be cutting out that Big round hole & putting a window in there very soon! YEEEEHA!
  2. But I know some of you CM Stacker Owners have replaced you stock cover with the Plexi - Window Panel. Do you think there will be a big enough of a difference in noise reduction over the stock one? I want it as quiet as possible... OK, if there is that big of a difference with the Plexi-Window Cover, if I decided later to put a very quiet fan in there to blow toward my CPU, do you think it would still be quieter than the stock one. I'm thinking I would put a 120mm SilenX 14dBa fan there. Any help on this would be appreciated!
  3. Hello CMS Owners: Do you think I would reduce my fan noise if I replaced the stock side panel with the 1 foot hole that has a filter in it with a window side panel? or If I used window panel & put a 120mm Silenx directly across from CPU fan would this possibly be quieter & cooler than the stock cover?