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  1. I plan to turn the heatsink once it's possible. I'm still trying to find alternatives, but so far short of switching to water cooling I can't think of a better option. I want a contained system so with 3 front bays open could I get better performance from a water system. I don't mind hanging a 120x120 rad off the back but that's about all I'd want to do externally. Any Ideas Guys?
  2. I just finished a new system build. The only 'mods' were done by the company I ordered the case from. I've run into a snag though. This case has a plate running through the center that divides up the HD cage / power supply area from the drive bays and mother board. There's no gap between the plate and the motherboard tray. Basically I currently have my cooler installed facing up. The fan is soo close the the panel that it gets no airflow and the cooler is barely getting the temps a stock intel cooler would get. I'm going to cut... and this will be my first time... I used a hole saw once to cut holes for some 80mm fans in my praetorian window. I nearly busted the window in half. I'm going to use a nibbling tool to do the cutting, and I have some very thin channel molding to put around the edge when I'm done. I plan to draw out the cutting area on masking tape, remove the PSU and MB before I start. Is there anythign else I should do in preparation and does anyone have any tips to make sure I get this right the first time.
  3. Does anyone know what the clearence is for ram under the GeminII? (that is the distance from the board to the underside of the heatsink) I'll have the Dominator Ram on tuesday if someone can tell me the clearance I can measure the ram and figure this out for myself.
  4. Is there any chance the GeminII clears the heatsinks on Corsair Dominator Ram?
  5. xstax

    open air rig

    Spart that's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks a ton!
  6. xstax

    open air rig

    Hey guy does anyone know of a place that sells open air rigs/cases for testing new setups. I've been building PCs for friends and what I'd like is something that will allow me to test a setup before I install it in a case but doesn't have all the stuff that gets in the way. I've seen testing rigs before but I'm not sure if anyone actually makes them for general use or if they're custom built.
  7. xstax

    New generation 830

    I don't own an 830 but I know in it's current form I wouldn't buy one. I've seen the case on display several times and I always look it over and I am impressed with the looks and it's features but it just doesn't match me. 1. I don't like doors. A doorless variation that moves the devices forward would increase some of the room on the interior. or possibly move back the top section reducing the case's footprint. 2. I'm a fan of cases that have space for 6 or 8 hard drives at the bottom and using up the space of 2 or 3 bays. The 4 in 3 modules just don't do it for me neither do the 3 in 2s some other brands have. 3. I'm also not a fan of the 4 huge fans on the side panel. I'm sure it's a good option for some but I just don't like it. I'd rather have a windtunnel up top or dual blowholes. 4. It's a stacker so it should be at least as tall as the original and have room for as many bays. 5. If hard drive space moved horizontally rather than vertically it would also add a logical space for a PSU at the bottom. (ties in with 2 and 4 i think) 6. Less Plastic but I do understand the difficulty in fabrication. I could probably give this a lot more thought but I've gotta disappear for a few.
  8. Thanks for the input guys. Oh and the reason I didn't see the weight/mass on the cm site... I was using the usa link and it's not on there, which sucks. http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/Products.aspx?pid=1260
  9. What's the best cooler by coolermaster that's under 500 grams? I'm building a computer for a friend but because he's doesn't take care of his computers like I do I don't want to put in something heavy like the Hyper48 I have in mine. I want something a lot lighter but that's definitely better than that stock intel crap. I'm looking at the Hyper TX but I didn't see weight on newegg or on coolermaster's site. The description and size seem to imply it's fairly lightweight.
  10. As it's always been explained to me heat pipes primary reason for effectiveness has little to do with heat rising. It has much much more to do with heat moving from a hot zone to a cooler zone. The heat moves along the pipes to the fins because that area is cooler. How to remove the heat from the case honestly is a much more important factor, which is probably why so many are more concerned about the direction that the hot air will flow. Since you're so set on the whole heat rises issue I would like to know why your blowhole blows down?
  11. xstax

    Hyper 48 fan problem

    I swapped my 92mm out after having it for 3 days and the increased airflow and noise dramatically improved the coolers performance. The switch was mainly to match the other blue led fans in the case. I actually still have the original fan... and it might even have the wires still attached. Don't ask why it wouldn't I was short on wire for a 'project'...
  12. I've been given the impression it's a very heavy duty bracket I believe someone had photos I'd take a look before making any assumptions.
  13. As I understand it there's a steel bracket of some kind that's hard to remove, but yah basically remove the fan and the fan bracket and it's 1k ready.
  14. performance-pcs modifies the 830s to fit 1k PSUs. I'm sure other places have done or will do the same. Once this exclusive deal is up you should be able to order a modified case that will handle the larger PSUs... would be nice if they just fit stock but apparently that's not the case at this time.
  15. How long is this exclusive contract? 1 month I thought I saw...