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  1. I just completed a new build using a Cavalier 3 case. I'm using an Intel 3.2g LGA processor which generates considerable heat. My case has the plastic side window without any ventilation holes. I noticed when viewing the non-windowed version of this case on Newegg's site, that the side panel design has changed. There are now mounting holes for a fan and additional ventilation holes below that. How would I obtain this new side panel? Appreciate the assistance. Thanks
  2. Of all the reviews I read on this PS, the SilentPC Review was the only one that mentioned a loud fan at the higher pwr levels. Perhaps it was unique to their particular unit?? Appreciate the info. Thanks!
  3. Looking at purchasing a Real Power 450 for a new build (have a Cavalier 3 case) and have a question concerning fan noise. I read the review over at SilentPC Review and about the only issue they had with the unit was noise of the fan from med to high pwr usage. For those that own this PS, what is your impression of the fan noise? SilentPC Review felt that the fan ramped up rather quickly over a 150W load which brought about the increased fan noise. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!