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  1. Oh, One thing people who want to do this mod need to know. In order to fit the water block and pump unit into the case, you have to cut the HD tray and mount the HD in the floopy drive location.
  2. For refill the coolant, you have to lay the radiator down and use clamp to clam both hoses. I replace both hose by using the silicon hoses from auto shop. it stronger and longer than the stock hoses from CM. If you know how to flash the break flue, you should know what I mean .
  3. Since I use this computer as my HTPC, therefore I use my extra regular PSU as power source. It will provide better waterage; keep the heat from PSU out side of the case and also more connectors. Now the averiage idel temp. is about 38C, full speed is about 45C. Before I custom made a metal screen on the case cover which covered the video card, the temp will go as high as 52C in full load. Hope this will answer your question.
  4. Ok, Here we go. Finally I finish the mod. Will post more picture tmw. This rig will be my water cool HTPC.
  5. hyl768s

    Hper 6 + Borat

    or walk your dog and you might find them as well.
  6. This is the latest software for CD6. It will not support the raid feature or 64bit OS. It also will not support the IDE-SATA convertor. Click HERE to download the file.
  7. Sorry for the trouble. Please visit our online RMA service for the replacement. Here is the link: http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/CoolerMaster/RMA2.aspx
  8. Some mother board manufactures like Gigabyte are not following the Intel standard USB lay out. You have to make sure that you have the compatible USB port before you connect the USB or Firewire cable.
  9. Here is my spec. CPU Intel P4 478 3.0G OC 3.56G Aquagate+ Aquagate Mini120 Raditor Temperature: Idel:36C Full Load:43C
  10. hyl768s

    CM Stacker 830

    We just receive the mark up sample today, but too bad it was heavy damaged by the shipping.
  11. Did you get these reading from the mother board bios? Some mother board just won't accept more voltage. My Abit IS7 Max3 is one good example. All IS7 user are complain the similar issues.
  12. I have a spear brand new 5" LCD laying in house and I don't think there is a touch screen LCD panel which smaller than 7"